If Your Kid Is Bored, You're Doing Something Right

bored boy

OMG. Despite having a house full of loot from Santa and grandparents -- I can't tell you how many times a day I hear my son say, "Mom ... I'm bored!" I mean, I know it's a real drag when he has a day off from school when I still have to work ... but sheesh! You'd think he could find a gazillion things to occupy himself with.

And I've always felt a bit guilty about not being able to sit and play with him ... until I heard that boredom is good for kids.

Man. Is this a dream come true or what?


In the Independent Association of Prep Schools magazine, education and training director Julie Robinson said that being bored helps children be prepared for dull moments in adulthood.

Huh. I guess that makes sense. Being an adult definitely has more than its fair share of less than exciting times, so it's probably a good thing for the kiddos to get used to not being thrilled early on.

And in addition to helping them come to terms with the buzz kill that is adulthood, do you know what else this means? We no longer have to feel obligated to enroll our kids in every single extracurricular activity under the sun to try and make them more well-rounded or whatever.

How many times have you worried over whether your child was involved in enough things to do outside of school? Whether it be sports, music lessons, dance, drama, karate, the list goes on -- sometimes it seems like we're doing them some sort of disservice if we don't expose them to multiple things.

And it almost becomes a competition with other parents sometimes. You know ... when you have those super moms and dads who come right out and tell you that little Sally does ballet on Monday, soccer on Tuesday, tap on Wednesday, violin on Thursday, and also takes a Saturday morning gymnastics class -- and you feel like kind of a slacker because your kid takes one acting class a week and that's IT.

But now when those parents stare back at us with a look of disapproval and confusion, we can simply say, "My kid may be bored sometimes, but at least he'll be used to it so his life won't totally suck as an adult."

How many activities is your child involved in?

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