10-Year-Old Girl Burns Down Entire House by Playing With Fireworks (VIDEO)

Sometimes what you let your kids play with is a gray area in terms of its perceived dangerousness. For example, who knew that allowing your kid to rip up old books could lead to him shredding your life savings? Then there are times where it's just a no-brainer that you should NOT be allowing your tyke to mess around with something. This is one of those times. Fireworks, my friends. They are not for untrained adults. They are not for teens. They are definitely NOT FOR CHILDREN. I'm sure it must say that on the package somewhere.


Alas, one family reportedly did not follow the law of common sense -- and left fireworks on their porch on New Year's Eve, where their 10-year-old daughter got into them. She first lit one, which then ignited others, which then ignited stuff in the yard, which then spread to the whole property and burned the entire house down. Also destroyed: two minivans.

Miraculously, the family of five and their five chihuahuas managed to escape unharmed.

Yeah, I don't know what to say here. I feel terrible for this family, who are now staying with relatives. But. I have to ask. What were they thinking?!

Why would you leave fireworks on your front porch around your kids? It's unclear if the fireworks were legal, but they generally are in Texas, where this happened (check out the enormous fireworks store behind the reporter in the video).

Well, presumably they have learned their lesson. Wonder if they had insurance?

Look, people, kids love fire. They love lighting stuff on fire. They love burning shit down.

It's one thing for a kid to get a hold of a match and light some paper on fire. That's bad enough. It's another thing for a load of fireworks to be ignited. That is going to be a whole buttload of damage.

Glad everyone escaped. Hope this family finds some safer way of celebrating the new year next time.

Has your kid ever lit anything on fire?



Image via KHOU

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