10 Things I Used to Hate About Having Little Babies

If there's any one thing I've learned in my decade of parenting, it's to appreciate the here and now, because as cliche as it is, time really does fly. Not the days -- never the days, but the years? They seem to pass in record speed once you become a parent. 

Back when I had babies and little-little kids (as opposed to the big-little kids I now parent), there were phases I wished away, sure that the next one would be easier or better, somehow. Some of them were really dreadful -- you couldn't pay me to experience teething again and I love that my kids are now pretty self-sufficient. But then there are the things I wished away that don't look all that bad with a little distance. In fact, I long for them most days. Things like these ...

1. Having to schedule everything around naps. Sure, that was a bit of a pain and all, but hello? THEY NAPPED! Daily! Sometimes for two hours ... twice a freaking day! What I would give for that now.

2. The clingy phase. Yes, it was annoying to be hung on all day. It sucked to be the only person my sons wanted, and it was almost impossible to get anything else done. Now I wonder why I felt the need to do anything other than cuddle with them, anyway.

3. Getting constant advice. I don't know what I'm doing now any more than I did then, but nobody shares their secrets these days. Ironically, I'm all ears now.

4. Diapers. Do I miss changing diapers? No, I'm not a crazy person. But now that every meal out is interrupted with my youngest's need to defecate, I find myself tempted to just slap a pull-up on him so I can eat my dinner in peace. And with an appetite still intact.

5. The infant seat. It's bulky and it's heavy and it's a pain to schlep around. But they are contained in a seat that moves with them. Think they make those for tweens?

6. Middle of the night feedings. At least they gave me a reason to be awake, as opposed to the plain old insomnia that now plagues me.

7. The stuffed animals. They once haunted me. They were EVERYWHERE. We couldn't leave the house without at least four of them and they took up more of the bed than all of my children combined. Now, though, I'd take 30 stuffed pigs in a heartbeat in exchange for an iPad.

8. Cutting their nails. I was TERRIFIED of this horrible task and convinced that I would somehow maim my offspring. Nowadays, I'm terrified of the task for a whole different reason: Lord knows what the hell I'll find under their nasty fingernails. 

9. The pacifier. I cursed the damn pacifiers for years and it was a bitch to break all three of mine of them. But what I would give now to be able to shut them up in a second!

10. The constant crying. Because back then it could be so easily fixed with a feeding, a changing, or a burping. The older they get, the more complicated it becomes, and I can no longer simply kiss away every boo-boo.  

What do you miss most about not having a baby anymore?

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adamat34 adamat34

I miss cuddling. Diapers , nope. I love my.kids now much better because we can talk an interact....they are amazing

NatAndCo NatAndCo

I'm praying for the day when they're out of diapers. If I get handed one more poop nugget because they decided to take their diaper off I will scream. That being said, I do miss the infant firsts. First smile, first crawl, first laugh etc.

nonmember avatar alicia

i know i'm "supposed" to be teaching my 2 year old to self-soothe and fall asleep on his own, but how long is he going to say, Mommy, yay down wid me" in that sweet little voice?
I'll take the cuddles while they last. :-)

princ... princessshay27

My eight year old still likes to snuggle up every now and then. I do miss hearing him say mommy in that cute little voice & in that same soft voice tell me "you're the best mommy in the whole world". My 22 month old calls me mama or mom (of course he calls everybody mom lol) and very rarely says mommy. Yep, hearing mommy is what I miss most. And my oldest's baby laugh.

Sweetie Martin

my son is still a toddler and even tho we want him walking I do enjoy the fact that it's easier to pick him and walk. especially when its raining. however I know that the one thing I'll miss the most is him crawling into my lap or daddy's lap for a hug and a kiss and then just lays there for a min or two.

the4m... the4mutts

The ONLY thing I miss about babies, is the way they would just stare into my face like it was the face of god. They trust you completely to give them the world.

I do not miss diapers, or sleepless nights. My big kids are still massive cuddle butts. Its not unusual for me to sit on our ginormous couch, and have 4 large sized children sharing the same cushion as their mamma.

Even my 10yr old still lets me carry him frequently, and tuck him in at night. Granted, I can't carry him for long. But luckily, all my kids are tiny, and he only weighs 56 pounds. So I can carry him around the house, or to bed every now and again :)

the4m... the4mutts

Oh, and I miss having a person in the house that I dont have to yell at. Babies dont need to be told for the "50th damned time, get your shoes on, before I throw them out the window!" Or "close the bathroom door when you crap! We have company over!" That last one is my 4yr old, who likes to chat while he poops :/

nonmember avatar me

I miss nothing. I'm really not a baby person, I don't want to hold your baby or ooh and aah over him. I liked my kids as babies but I'm so glad they are older now. I did freak out though when my toddler lost her monkey movie in the house and I was up looking for it for two hours. She didn't even care.. She had been inseparable with it for 28 mos and now she just didn't care? What!! Lol it was harder on me than her to let that monkey go. I ts still in a closet somewhere saved

nonmember avatar Mia

I miss two things: the crib, because not only did it keep him contained, I miss seeing that little baby in the enormity of the crib AND I miss those quiet, swaddled moments in the glider. Just looking at him, thinking about nothing but his skin, his smell, his little breaths.

antfa... antfarmer101

I am such a sap, I miss nearly EVERYTHING about having tiny babies. My kids are so big for their ages that I feel like they came out of the baby stage really fast. And since we are NOT having more, I'm celebrating "firsts" and lamenting "lasts" at the same time! Don't get me wrong, I love that the older one is able to get more into conversations and all, and the LO is right behind her, but it's bittersweet to know there will be no more coos and gurgles.

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