Most Embarrassing Things Kids Find in Their Parents’ Bedrooms


handcuffsThere are a million ways our kids embarrass us. Tantrums in public. Blurting out what they overheard you saying about your neighbor -- to your neighbor. But that pales in comparison to what one couple's child did New Year's Eve. Bored with the family party, he went rummaging through their room, discovered a pair of furry handcuffs, and put them on. Problem is, no one could find the key. Desperate, they took the boy to the police station hoping that they could help. Cringe-worthy, right? This couple is not alone. More parents share the humiliating discoveries their children have made in their bedrooms. 

  1. I found my son in the middle of my bed lotioning his arms and legs with what he called "really slippery lotion" he got from my nightstand. It was lubricant.
  2. I do remember when my son found the tampons I usually keep hidden and asked me what they’re for. I hadn’t explained anything about anything at that point. I think he was maybe 7 years old, so I think I hastily said, “Oh, well, that’s just something special women need sometimes, not a big deal, here, give them back” and he didn’t ask any more questions.
  3. My vibrator -- my son asked me why I got a pretty pink rabbit toy I didn't have to share.
  4. I must have been like 5 or 6 and visiting my aunt and uncle. I ran upstairs to watch cartoons with my cousins on their bed and looked down and saw something. I picked it up and said, "Hey, what's this?" They had a dog so I just thought it was a dog toy. My aunt and uncle both looked at me with their mouths open but must have been so mortified. They looked back and forth at me and at each other, and laughed and hid their faces -- and told me to drop it. I was so confused and insistent that they tell me what it was ... but I had older brothers, and so after standing there for like 10 seconds -- which felt MUCH longer -- I realized it was a rubber penis. I dropped it, was so grossed out, and ran from their room in total embarrassment. My uncle was the family jokester so my mom just explained that it was one of my uncle's silly prank toys. I, thank goodness, didn't know what the "toy" was used for until I was much, much older.
  5. My son found these photos I sent my husband when we were dating. This was back before everyone just zapped sexy pics on their smartphones. It was an actual photo of me in skimpy lingerie. He brought it to me -- in front of his sitter -- and asked why I didn't have any clothes on. 
  6. My daughters were playing in our room and I peeked in and saw them wearing strips of condoms as boas.
  7. I caught my daughter taste-testing my flavored body oil. She said it smelled like chocolate and asked why I was hiding this "candy stuff" under the bed.

Have your kids ever found something embarrassing in your bedroom?


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Krystian Kaufold

Why does a seven year old not know what a tampon is????

My five year old knows what a damn tampon is.

ACMat... ACMatthews

Why are these kids not in trouble for snooping through somone elses room? Who cares what they think, they need a lesson on boundaries and privacy.

nonmember avatar Hester

First, why are the kids allowed to snoop in mom and dad's room? Second, my 2 year grandson knows what a tampon is and not to touch it. Third, why are parents keeping private stuff in the reach of a child if they allow the child the freedom to go into the parents' room and open drawers and such? PUT YOUR PRIVATE STUFF UP WHERE CHILDREN CANNOT GET TO IT. Who are the parents? Where are the parents? It is not about the kids and how they feel it is about teaching them about privacy and rules.

beaus... beauswife

My five yr old ran into the kitchen holding one of my toys and my BIL was holding it. I was so embarrassed. BIL wanted to know what it was, my hubby changed the subject thank goodness. I don't know what was more embarrassing! The child or Brother in Law holding it.

Crystal Rider

Ahhh once my then 4 year old came down the stairs with a Ruber Dildo and my MIL and stepdaughter was there. I was so embarresed. 

But the tampon thing is weird. I use cloth pads and all my kids including my 5 year old son knows what they are used for. I just ordered a ninja turtle one and he got a kick out of it :) 

Crystal Rider

oh we now keep all private stuff locked up

Ariel Culver

Yes, because its just soooo easy to keep kids out of rooms. Unless you have a lock thats pretty hard to do. And in the situation I think you'd be too embarassed/laughing to hard to get after them.

nonmember avatar Elsa

If I had done that my mother would have punched me out.

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