What Type of Classroom Mom Are You? Have More Fun in 2014 With Your Own Mom Persona!

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If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to stop stressing over helping in your child’s classroom, listen up! Volunteering in school doesn’t have to leave you pulling your hair out – sure, busy family schedules and work commitments can leave you strapped for time to donate in the classroom, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help out, or dare say it, actually enjoy your time there. Resolve to make your own ‘mom persona’ for the classroom this year and quickly find yourself looking forward to doing GOOD in your child’s school:


Be the digital mom: Rock some parent volunteer scheduling with free online signup sheets and reminders from VolunteerSpot. Get more parents involved with online volunteer calendars they can access from their computers and smart phones. Rely on mobile access and automated reminders to keep your parents more than happy, they’ll be thanking you in no time.

Be the funny mom: Love making others laugh? Nothing beats cracking up kids and if the funny bone is your forte, be the gregarious mom who hosts the class talent show, tells jokes during story time, or volunteers to help direct the next school musical!

Be the mystery mom: Sign up to be a mystery reader, lead students on a treasure hunt at the next class party, or turn kids into detectives at the next story time by coordinating hidden clues around the classroom that get them excited about the day’s lesson or book.

Be the fun mom: It’s ok to be a little kookoo in the classroom! If you’re artsy fartsy side is dying to bust out, volunteer to lead creative craft time or an outside drum circle. Your teacher will be happy to have you helping expend kids’ energy and students will have a blast.

Be the cool mom: Get in touch with your ‘social media’ side and volunteer to manage the classroom blog, facebook page or Pinterest account. Post fun pictures, schedule helpful updates and get fellow class parents to collaborate on Pinterest boards like class party ideas, grade appropriate reading, science fair ideas and door decorations.

Be the ‘green’ mom: Show off that green thumb by coordinating eco-campaigns in the classroom like recycling initiatives, ‘green’ themed class parties or even managing the school community garden.

Be the smart mom: Do your special skills or talents lend themselves to a great classroom enrichment lesson? Speak up and tell your child’s teacher! S/he will love having your medical expertise, your business background, your acting, singing, or dancing skills (you name it!) on display for students to learn from and ask questions.

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