What Your Kids Call You Says a Lot About Your Parenting Style

Mommy? Mommy? Mommy? Mommy? Mommy? MOMMY! Come on, you know exactly what I’m talking about, don’t you? When your kids want something, they want it now, and Mom is the one they go to to get it.

Ok, maybe your kids call you something other than “mommy.” Are you Mom, or maybe even Mother? Actually, I’m willing to bet that what your kids call you says a lot about your parenting style.


7 Things Kids Call Their Moms That Says a Lot About Their Relationships

Ma’am: You are old fashioned, and a stickler for rules and regulations. You raise your kids military style. Their beds are made first thing in the morning. Their clothes are pressed.

Mama: You are the crunchy type. You never turn down an opportunity to cuddle, and are likely to have co-slept or tandem nursed your toddler.

Mother: You are kind of scary (sorry, but this is how Norman Bates referred to his mom). You are a tiger mom, raising your kids to be overachievers. They are already taking mandarin, violin ... before their first birthdays.

Mom: You’re casual and generally laid back. Maybe your kids are getting a little bit older, and too cool to keep up with the mama or mommy references.

Ma: You’re from the south. You kids probably had their first sips of sweet tea out of sippy cups.

Your first name: You’re a hippy. You make your own deodorant and insist it works just as well as store-bought. Sorry but no.

Mommy: You have little kids, and dread the day they will be too cool to refer to you as anything but “mom.”

What do your kids call you?

Image via Theresa Martell/Flickr

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