8-Year-Old Finds Racy Photos on Newly Bought Nintendo System

In every parent’s Christmas nightmare, one family in Virginia had some explaining to do with their kids after an 8-year-old found pornographic images on his new handheld Nintendo system.

The newly bought DS was bought at Walmart on December 23, but somehow contained 12 still images saved in a file that the kids accessed when they started using the device to take pictures of each other.


Geez, I don’t think I’m even ready to have the birds and the bees talk with an 8-year-old, let alone the “some people like to look at naked pictures of other people” talk. I mean, how do you even go about explaining that?

Anyway, Tom Mayhew was pretty shocked when he discovered that the electronic toy he bought his kid had naughty pictures on it. He thought it was from the factory at first, but then considered that the game system had been previously purchased, used, returned, and restocked.

He said, "There is no reason for them to be even really on there. It's disgusting for one. It seems that this was the only thing left on it.”

I don’t know about you guys, but from this point on out, I’m definitely going to be checking electronics capable of capturing or saving images before handing them over to my kids.

Have you ever bought something new that you suspected was previously used?

Image via ALT1040/Flickr

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