5 Homemade Kid Toys That Make Awesome Gifts

Deborah Cruz | Dec 16, 2013 Big Kid
5 Homemade Kid Toys That Make Awesome Gifts

Chalkboard Paint Blocks
Playful Learning

The holidays are coming up fast, and many of us are on the hunt for that perfect gift for our kids. The thing is, sometimes the perfect gift can't be found in the stores. Some of my most favorite gifts that I have given and received are those that were handmade. There is just something about making a gift from scratch -- all the thought, time, and love that go into the gift makes it priceless.

Feeling creative this holiday season but not sure what to make? Here are five amazing homemade gifts for kids curated from around the Internet. They are easy and fairly cheap to make, and they will blow away any kiddo who is gifted one.

Every one of these homemade gifts is unique and can be tailored to the specific child for a one-of-a-kind gift he or she will love. And the best part about all these easy projects? All of these giftable playthings double as fun activities that will keep the kids happy and busy for hours. Now that sounds like a gift for both the kids and the parents! 

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Any child would be happy to receive these fresh, DIY gift ideas during the holidays. Pick the one that's perfect for the kids on that holiday shopping list. 

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  • DIY Play Kitchen


    My girls love to play house and we have owned just about every single kid’s kitchen on the market. All in all, they look the same with varying degrees of cuteness and durability. But this homemade kitchen set is not only durable, it is beautiful and you can customize it to your own child.

    Who knew you could completely re-purpose that old television cabinet from the 1980’s into something that your child would love so much?

    For complete details on how to make one for your child this Christmas visit Giggleberry Creations.

  • DIY Dress Up Station


    Turn an old upright dresser into dress-up headquarters for your little princess. All it takes is a little effort, imagination and ingenuity and you will make your little girl’s dreams come true. You can completely customize it to fit your little girl’s taste. Bonus: She will finally have some place to hang up all of those beautiful dress-up dresses she owns. Whether or not she will, well, that’s another situation entirely.

    One thing is for sure; she will never forget this beautiful armoire made just for her and her things.

    For complete instruction on how to build one for your own little princess check out A Turtle’s Life for Me.

  • Doorway Puppet Theater


    By far this is one of my favorite homemade gifts. It can be made relatively easy for the child in your life; a doorway puppet theater. It encourages imaginative play and is super cute and fun for kids of all ages. Believe me, I love to put on puppet shows with my girls. In fact, I am making this doorway theater for my girls this Christmas since they’ve outgrown their wooden one. Most affordable puppet theaters are made in toddler size; my girls are 6 and 8. I needed something taller.

    It’s really easy to make and can be done completely in the matter of a few hours. You’ll just need some material and a sewing machine. Believe me, it will be worth it to watch your kids play and hear the stories they will tell. For complete instructions on how to make this for your child, check out TheCraftyCupboard.

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  • Chalkboard Paint Blocks


    Paint basic wood blocks with chalkboard paint and you will provide endless fun and activities for your little one. They can draw pictures and make a puzzle with the blocks, practice their A,B,C’s or even make silly sentences using blocks with prewritten words on them. Or they can build things and then decorate them. There is so much that can be done. They will even keep your tiniest ones engaged for hours. For complete details on how to make your very own set check out Playful Learning.

  • DIY Pup Tents


    Image via Lindsay and Andrew

    Old sheets and some wood make an indoor campground, an outdoor reading nook, a sleepover getaway or the perfect place for your little one to play for hours. The only limitation is their imagination.

    This is a simple project that comes together in an hour or less. You need 2 twin sized flat sheets or two curtain panels and approximately $20 worth of wood and supplies.

    Aside from being completely adorable, easy to make, cost effective and easy to store, these tents are completely one of a kind and your little one will spend hours of time inside of it making memories and exercising his or her imagination.

    For complete details check out step-by-step instructions how to make these adorable A-frame pup tents visit Lindsay and Andrew.

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