5 Homemade Kid Toys That Make Awesome Gifts

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The holidays are coming up fast, and many of us are on the hunt for that perfect gift for our kids. The thing is, sometimes the perfect gift can't be found in the stores. Some of my most favorite gifts that I have given and received are those that were handmade. There is just something about making a gift from scratch -- all the thought, time, and love that go into the gift makes it priceless.


Feeling creative this holiday season but not sure what to make? Here are five amazing homemade gifts for kids curated from around the Internet. They are easy and fairly cheap to make, and they will blow away any kiddo who is gifted one.

Every one of these homemade gifts is unique and can be tailored to the specific child for a one-of-a-kind gift he or she will love. And the best part about all these easy projects? All of these giftable playthings double as fun activities that will keep the kids happy and busy for hours. Now that sounds like a gift for both the kids and the parents! 

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Any child would be happy to receive these fresh, DIY gift ideas during the holidays. Pick the one that's perfect for the kids on that holiday shopping list. 

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