15 Gifts Moms REALLY Want This Christmas

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Ahh ... Christmas. It's one of the few days out of the year where we get to sit back, relax, and enjoy quality time with our family. Quality time that usually begins at the earliest possible hour because the kids are dying to rush to the tree and get their hands on their presents, but still, quality time. And while most moms will probably agree that the holiday is more about our kids than anyone else, we're just as excited as they are to find something special under the tree on Christmas morning. 


But to be honest, plenty of moms are totally over sweaters, jewelry, kitchen gadgets, and the like.

It's a struggle to find the perfect gift for the woman who does so much for the family all year long. But while most moms will appreciate anything they get (seriously, a mom will sob over a literal rock if it's gift-wrapped and presented with love by her 3-year-old), if they're being completely honest sometimes the same old gifts each year get a little boring. Things like sweaters, jewelry, perfume, lotions (so many lotions!), candles, and the latest kitchen gadgets are lovely, but the best gifts don't necessarily come from a store.

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So this year put away that credit card and breathe a sigh of relief over avoiding the mob scene known as the mall in December. We've got amazing, non-material gift ideas for mom this year that are guaranteed to make her face light up even brighter than the lights on the Christmas tree.

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