holiday treats

If you haven't already picked up a little something to give your child's teacher for the holiday season -- you might want to make a note to go shopping sometime this week. We only have a few more days until they're out of school until after the new year -- and waiting until the last minute to put teacher gifts together is never fun!

But what should we buy for the wonderful people who make such a difference in our child's lives? We want them to know how much we appreciate them -- but the idea of getting them something they aren't going to like is really, really stressful.

You're in luck -- because we asked teachers to give us the scoop on the things they'd rather not see wind up on their desks this year.

Take a look at these photos to see eight holiday gifts your teacher really has no use for -- and will probably roll her eyes over.

What are you planning on getting your child's teacher?


Image via regan76/Flickr