8 Holiday Gifts Your Kid's Teacher Does NOT Want (PHOTOS)

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If you haven't already picked up a little something to give your child's teacher for the holiday season -- you might want to make a note to go shopping sometime this week. We only have a few more days until they're out of school until after the new year -- and waiting until the last minute to put teacher gifts together is never fun!

But what should we buy for the wonderful people who make such a difference in our child's lives? We want them to know how much we appreciate them -- but the idea of getting them something they aren't going to like is really, really stressful.

You're in luck -- because we asked teachers to give us the scoop on the things they'd rather not see wind up on their desks this year.

Take a look at these photos to see eight holiday gifts your teacher really has no use for -- and will probably roll her eyes over.

What are you planning on getting your child's teacher?


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Some people call them impersonal--as bad as giving out cash...but I LOVE THEM:  GIFT CARDS!!!!  They are perfect regardless of the amount.  Any kind of help towards the purchase of anything is always, always, welcomed.  And, if it's a card to a store or restaurant of MY CHOICE/LIKE--Wahoooo!!!

Sarah Todrick

I don't know; maybe it's because I teach middle school and we don't get as many gifts as our elementary counterparts do, but if a kid or parent appreciates me enough to take the time and effort to put together a gift for me, I will accept it graciously and with gratitude. A kid actually brought me an apple this morning, a real apple, and you know what? I had already had breakfast and actually don't really like apples all that much, but you better believe that  I gave her a big hug and ate that apple right there and then, because how sweet was that to think of me? It really is the thought that counts for some kids. They don't HAVE to get me anything, and for a lot of my kids, money is tight, so I appreciate it even more.  Also? I will take all the tea and coffee I can get. You better believe I need it after chasing middle schoolers around all day!

Katha... Katharine205

I think Sarah Todrick is a very gracious lady and it's refreshing to see someone who truely appreciates the effort. 

nonmember avatar Kristi

I agree with Katharine205. Classy, very classy.

JessL... JessLogansMommy

So instead of putting down every gift that almost every parent gives their kids teachers, how about a suggestion of what you think are good ideas, without saying gift cards or cash!   

Last year I baked muffins because my sons teacher commented about how good the muffins I send in for snack looked when we had our conference.  I let him decorate bags and put the muffins in for his teacher and 3 aides.  

the4m... the4mutts

This year, my kids are preparing to enter an online virtual academy from home, and leave the public school system.

So what I am doing for their teachers, is buying a card for this years, all all previous years teachers, and writing them a letter thanking them for all they have done for my kids, with assurances that THEY are not the reason my kids are leaving. The teachers at the school are lovely people, who have grown attached to my kids over the years. One kindergarten teacher has had all 3 of my oldest in her class as students, aides, or reading buddies.

I only want them to know that I admire and appreciate them.

Jody Sean Henderson

I agree with Katharine. One of my children came into class really excited and couldn't wait to show me what she had in her bag. She said, "I draw this for you". (The sheet of decorative paper was blank by the way) with a picture of balloons on the top. I thought it was the cutest thing ever!! I told her it was beautiful and how much I loved it, and posted it on the fridge that we keep in the room. She was so proud of herself, just the smile on her little face is all that matters. To this day it's still on the fridge and every time I glimpse it...It makes me smile.

EmilyH87 EmilyH87

My husband would probably disagree on the homemade goodies. He's gotten fudge and cookies before and it makes his day.

aneela aneela

well as someone else pointed out...it really should be the thought that counts as gifts are not madatory.  we have all received things we didnt really care for...but hey...how much better it is to say thank you and show that you appreciate someone even giving you something. the only thing i will add is that for home made items...you really need to know if someone has allergies and diff things...so that is definitely NOT a gift i would ever give someone unless i knew them and so on.

lalas... lalasmama2007

At my dd's school the whole class chips in for a group gift card, which is what the teachers prefer.

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