Why Every Mom Needs 'Dwarf in the Drawer' This Holiday Season

dwarf drawerI've made no secret of my feelings regarding a certain very popular all-seeing elf doll (hint: NOT enthusiastic), but I've always felt like part of a small, Grinch-y minority. (But it's so much fun, why would you deprive your kids of such a fun tradition? Um, cause CREEPY, that's why.) Anyway, turns out I'm not alone in my elf-aversion -- at least not if The Dwarf in the Drawer is any indication. A book-and-doll set "in the tradition of Goodnight iPad and Runaway Mummy," it's billed as a "hilarious parody of Santa’s elvish spy -- and a story that will make us all take another look at the true meaning of Christmas."


Here's a sampling of the Dwarf's feelings on his tattletale counterpart -- perhaps you share similar views?

I’m the Dwarf in the Drawer

And I lived here before ...

Before that darn elf --

That insufferable bore!

For most of the year, things at home were real peachy.

Then in came that usurper, acting all preachy

Who died and made that elf king?

That creep who made Christmas a terrible thing? 

I'm with you, Dwarf. Which makes sense, as this toy works as a stocking stuffer for both grownups and kids. Moms who are either opposed or uninterested in carefully choreographed elf surveillance systems will appreciate the Dwarf's lazy, disgruntled nature; kids will think of him as a funny antihero, a la Oscar the Grouch.

Would you buy The Dwarf in the Drawer?

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