Elementary School Bans Red & Green Clothing & Decorations From Holiday Party

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red and green ornamentWondering what crazy thing schools are going to ban next? How about colors? Yup, a public school in Texas is under fire for banning the colors red and green at its upcoming winter party (yes, winter, not Christmas). Nichols Elementary in Frisco, Texas, is en route to having the most politically correct holiday season ever.

And absolutely confusing the heck out of its students, I might add.

Apparently the official rules for winter parties at Nichols are as follows:

No reference to Christmas or any other religious holiday, no red, green, or Christmas trees, and nothing that will stain the carpet.

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I'm pretty liberal, folks. I don't think kids should be singing Christmas carols in schools because it simply isn't fair to non-Christian kids (any more than it would be fair to Christian kids if they were forced to sing Jewish, Muslim, or Hindu songs ... think about it).

But the point of banning holiday speak inside public schools is simply to prevent kids from being forced by a non-religious government organization (aka a school) to participate in something religious-based. It's not to pretend holidays don't exist at all.

We want kids to learn about the world around them, don't we? To be aware of current events and to explore them in an inquisitive manner -- albeit a non-indoctrinative.

Unfortunately when you go so far as to ban COLORS, which have no more to do with religion than Frosty the Snowman does with pagan worshipping of the winter solstice, the message being sent to kids isn't about respect and religious tolerance. It's a message of fear. Don't ask about that, kids, because you're going to get in trouble! Don't you dare wear your favorite holiday sweater, kid, because it's baaaaad.

Before a move is made to ban anything in schools, the question must be asked: what will this actually TEACH the kids? Because if it is just going to confuse them, what's the point?

What would you do if your kids had red and green at their school winter party?


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Todd Vrancic

Let them wear it.  In winter, people traditionally brought out brighter colors in reaction to the colder weather and the absence of color in nature.

B1Bomber B1Bomber

I'm a little surprised this is Texas. Normally we aren't much for the PC BS.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I'd pretty much be sending my oldest to school naked, he loves red and I'm not sure he has enough shirts of other colors to make it through a laundry cycle.

nonmember avatar Gene

IF these folks were consistent about not having anything dealing with Christmas they would have their kids at their desks on December 25, and they themselves would be at their cubicle.

adamat34 adamat34

This is what happens when liberals run wild......our society is doomed

Todd Vrancic

My reaction too, RhondaVeggie.  My wife's favorite color is green, she wears it winter and summer, and I'm not sure she has enough clothes of other colors to put together an outfit.

nonmember avatar Michelle

I am so sick of this crap!!! It is a color !!!!!! This politically correct Crap is getting old fast!

SKDMo... SKDMom1020

This turned out to be a misunderstanding and a miscommunication thanks to a overzealous room mom.  I live near this town.

nonmember avatar Holiday Lover

I'm liberal too, but I think it's great if kids sing Christmas carols in school... and Jewish, Muslim, and Hindu songs. If kids were taught a bit more about other cultures then maybe we'd have a little more tolerance in the world. I really don't understand why people get their panties all in a bunch at the mere mention of exposing kids to cultures other than their own. Learning is not the same thing as forcing someone to believe in it.

teddy... teddysmama09

I think doing a ban on red and green clothing is a little much, but what's wrong with making It easier for all kids to be included?  We are Jehovah's witnesses and I really appreciate when teachers do what they can to include my son without compromising our beliefs. 

And to Gene: actually we would send our children to school if it were open on December 25th, and many witnesses jump at the chance to work on Christmas Day. 

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