The Dark Side of Santa: 4 Traditions to Scare the Naughty Right Out of Your Kids


Wondering how to keep your kids on the straight and narrow this holiday season? It's a challenge: Nowadays, the threat of a stocking filled with coal is no kind of incentive for good behavior. And that tattletale elf hanging around the house keeping tabs? I guess he's creepy enough to curb naughtiness to a point, but let's face it: There's nothing like putting the fear of Krampus in a kid to guarantee his spot on Santa's "nice" list ... forever. 

Don't know Krampus? He's just one of several terrifying Santa alternatives moms and dads used to rely on back in the day to stop children from getting out of line around Christmastime. No joke: A visit from one of these guys makes a lump of coal sound like a fricken' iPad. Read on to find out more about these frightening figures -- not that you'll actually use your newfound knowledge to terrify your children or anything. Still, just in case ...

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Lokis... LokisMama

Watch Rare Exports: A Christmas Story on Netflix for a twisted look at the Krampus. It's one of the more diabolical Christmas movies I've ever watched.

adamat34 adamat34

Ivr never heard of any of these.......

Anita Laine Tippets

Actually Krampus comes on the night of December 5th before the arrival of St. Nikolaus. If St. Nikolaus noticed that after his visit in which he used his switch on unruly kids, he dropped two lumps of coal in their shoe on the way out the door (children put out their shoe for St. Nikolaus filled with sweet grass and carrots for his horse), St. Nikolaus would know they were naughty. If there was no coal, he knows they are good and he leaves fruits and nuts, small trinkets and sweets. Grew up with that one and now my children put out their shoes. Another similar tradition is on the evening of the solstice when Odin rides the night sky with Sleipnir, his 8 legged horse. Again, sweet grass is left in the boot for Sleipnir and if he eats, Odin knows you have behaved and he leaves treats. If he doesn't eat, Odin leaves only two lumps of coal as your alottment for the fire to keep you warm during the winter.

teddy... teddysmama09

My mom is Dutch and I grew up hearing about Schwaartz Peter. My mom said when she was a little girl in holland they would have Sinterklaas (their version on Santa) parades and a man in black face would go through the crowd and terrify the children. It sounded absolutely horrible (and a little racist!)

EmilyH87 EmilyH87

My husband says he wants our kids to believe in Santa AND the Krampus. Not sure if he was serious or not... lol

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