Brilliant 'What Does the Fox Say' Parody Nails Motherhood (VIDEO)

Being a mom is often touted as the best hardest job you’ll ever have. It’s so true! I mean, we love those little goobers like tiny pieces of our hearts walking around outside our bodies, but dang if we couldn’t use some peace and quiet sometimes.

The whining and the crying and the messes and the sticky faces and the “she hit me!” and the “where’s my homework?” can be a bit much sometimes. But you know what they say -- don’t cry about it when you can laugh. Which is why this "What Does the Kid Say" parody of Ylvis’ YouTube sensation "The Fox" is brilliant.


If you’re a mom, or you know a mom, I dare you not to laugh. It’s spot-on.

Ha! I totally hide in the bathroom with snacks sometimes, because no, I don't want to share, and no, I don't want to listen to you whine about it.

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And there seems like there's never a moment you're not wiping something or searching for shoes, amirite?

What do your kids say?


Image via mylifesuckers/YouTube

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