Brilliant 'What Does the Fox Say' Parody Nails Motherhood (VIDEO)

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Being a mom is often touted as the best hardest job you’ll ever have. It’s so true! I mean, we love those little goobers like tiny pieces of our hearts walking around outside our bodies, but dang if we couldn’t use some peace and quiet sometimes.

The whining and the crying and the messes and the sticky faces and the “she hit me!” and the “where’s my homework?” can be a bit much sometimes. But you know what they say -- don’t cry about it when you can laugh. Which is why this "What Does the Kid Say" parody of Ylvis’ YouTube sensation "The Fox" is brilliant.

If you’re a mom, or you know a mom, I dare you not to laugh. It’s spot-on.

Ha! I totally hide in the bathroom with snacks sometimes, because no, I don't want to share, and no, I don't want to listen to you whine about it.

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And there seems like there's never a moment you're not wiping something or searching for shoes, amirite?

What do your kids say?


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nonmember avatar Allison

This video made me cringe. It was a good effort, and is absolutely worth circulating among her relatives and close friends, but it's definitely not viral video material, and I am kind of embarrassed for her. It's like she's trying to be the cool, funny mom. And I completely understand the frustration, but I wouldn't really publically mock my own children like she did. I mean, they participated in the video, but I don't think they understood what it was really about. Parts of the video seemed pretty resentful, even if done in jest. Someone please give this Mom a weekend off so she can recharge and regain some perspective.

Lilit... Lilith.23

Lol Allison, chill.

It's funny,the end.

Senia... Seniahmom


Britni Nikol Reno

Allison I really hope your a first time mom. Chill, laugh. Let them eat dirt.

Miss_... Miss_Nelson

Some people are so uptight! It was meant to be funny!

So_De... So_Devious20

Who isnt annoyed by their kids sometimes? I think people pretending that they enjoy being around their kids every second of everyday only takes away from motherhood. Being a mom is exhausting, frustrating, but also fun and rewarding. She showed all of that.

nonmember avatar Matthew

i wish i was a housewife

Lulu2216 Lulu2216

Lol this was great!

Momof... Momof0710

Love this! Hilarious and true lol.

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