15 Unintentionally Hilarious Letters From Kids to Santa

Jeanne Sager | Dec 6, 2013 Being a Mom
15 Unintentionally Hilarious Letters From Kids to Santa

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Ah, kids. They are sources of unintentional humor, aren't they? And know what kids are doing these days? That's right, they're all sitting down to write their letters to Santa -- those long, carefully printed missives containing unfortunate misspellings, outlandish demands, and of course, embarrassment for their parents! Kids do say the darndest things, eh? Especially to the jolly old fat guy who may bring them their every heart's desire for Christmas.

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Aw, writing the Christmas letter to Santa. Has there ever been a more cherished tradition than sitting down and asking Mr. Claus for a new bike or skateboard to open on Christmas Day? Though we love the tradition, we have to admit that not every letter to Santa is one for the scrapbooks. Sometimes our kids unknowingly write the funniest WTF letters to Santa. Yup, we said it. These letters are really, really funny. 

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We found the letters to Santa that really are the best thing our readers will see all day. From kooky misspellings, to asking for some questionable gifts this holiday season, to kids who only want what's on the list, these letters will get folks rolling with laughter. So, for kids from 1 to 92, I'm offering some of the funniest Santa letters anyone will read this season!

  • Helping Dad Get His ... Beer?


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    Dear Santa,

    I have been good this year. I have helped Rose cook dinner. I helped dad gets his beers from the fridge. I helped mum clean the fish tank. I would really like a pink car for Peppa Pig, a Pepper pig doll house, a pink train track, some peppa pig dolls and a heart necklace. And lots of chocolate and lollies Thank you Santa!!! XOXO

    Your friend,


  • Sorry Makes It All Better


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    Dear Santa Soree for being bad this year can you give me a copple things for Chrastmas. here is my list

    1) pair of girl stompees

    2) one Direction DVD

    3) one Direction cushion

    4) one Direction bed set

    5) Baby Dolphin

    6) furby accessory set

    7) furby

    8) Sulley

    9) surprise LEGO set

    10) cittin set

    thank you santa

  • Mom's on a Diet


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    Dear Santa,

    Mom is on a diet, so we don't have cookies anymore. Have some of my Cheez-Its instead. They are good too ...

  • Keep It Down, Saint Nick


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    Dear Santa,

    wy do you where a red coat? is it true your raindeer, wich are bonan, blixen, roodalph, ugh, sorry, I tried my best! I have a tree in my bedroom. can you put presents under my tree? if you can thank you! and if you could can you be a little quiet? because my baby brother is a bad sleeper

    love, Kai

  • Don't Go Off-List


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    I want a IPad touch, laptop, Duck Dynasty stuff, Twilight stuff, necklace, ring Diamond, ipod Touch.

    P.S. Please bring what it said. Thank you


    Thank you

  • Excuse Me Sir, About Last Year ...


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    Dear Santa Claus

    Did you read my letter? It seems you did not read all of it. You did not bring me a nail maker and a bike. that is all you did not give me. Please bring it on December 31 ...

  • Bad Monkey!


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    Hi Santa FYI If someone wants a monkey for Christmas, the monkey will be bad. I Love U

  • But I'm Not ALL Bad


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    Dear Santa,

    Ive been a good boy and bad boy. Im a good boy becaus I help my grandma. Im a bad boy becaus Im lazy and I dont want to walk my dog. What I want for Christmas is the golden ninja ...

  • Where Are My Leggings?


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    Dear Santa,

    Hi, it's Sophie if you know wear my black leggings are Please write me back and tell me



  • Strike Him Mute


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    I want my litter brother to stop takeing when I take.

    I want some ninga sords that are not from the doller stor

  • Application to Be a New Elf


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    Dear Santa, I would like to go to work for you. I can fold cloths, wash dishes, cook food, feed the raindeer, sew cloths, make cookies, I can get the mail, I can panit pitchers. I can also carve good. I can paint the slay. I can rape presents to.

    Your best furcher elf

  • A Snake Opening His Mouth Eating a Rat


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    Dear Santa,

    This is what I would like for Christmas:

    A snake opening his mouth eating a rat.




  • There Will Be Milk And WHAT?


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    To Santa: There will be milk and cockys whating for you!

  • Poop Happens


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    Dear Santa,

    Be safe and make sure the reindeer don't poop on the way!

  • The Big Question


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    Dear Santa,

    Am I on the naughty list or am I not?

  • About Those Gross Things?


    Can you be on the naughty list if you do gross things, Santa?

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