Your Kid Was Born Mean & That's a Fact (VIDEO)

angry kidThere's no doubt about it, kids can be shockingly cruel to one another. Very few parents would dispute that in this age of vicious, merciless bullying. What is most surprising, however, is how young that behavior can begin. During a new episode of MAD Life, host Andrew Shue and his panel ask a critical question: Are kids born mean? Is it possible that they are inherently vicious? The answer may surprise you. Take a look!


It's certainly a hot-button issue, especially when you think about your own child. Most parents may have a hard time saying that their "little angel" was actually born evil. Could you? No matter what side of the debate you fall on, there is one undisputed fact: It's our job to help make them into good people.

What do you think? Are kids born mean?


Image via Kris Mouser-Brown/Flickr

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