8-Year-Old Son of Driver in Paul Walker Car Crash Tried to Save His Father

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paul walkerAs if the news of actor Paul Walker's accident in a violent car crash weren't tragic enough, the latest updates are almost unbearably heartbreaking. Driver Roger Rodas' 8-year-old son tried to save his dad from the burning car. Eyewitness Jim Torp says, "I ran over afterwards, I was trying to find Roger’s son. I found out his son had jumped the fence and gone over, he was trying to get his dad out." Can you imagine? An 8-year-old boy witnessing his father's death in a blazing car, desperate to save him -- what a traumatic experience for such a young person.

No child should ever have to watch their parent die. I can't even fathom the sense of loss and desperation Rodas' son must have felt. That moment when he was pulled away and realized he couldn't save his father after all, his heart must have broken into a million different pieces.

Rodas was a professional race car driver -- I'm sure that comes with a certain acceptance of risk. Racing is how he made his living and supported his family. His son probably lived with the knowledge that his father had a risky job, that every race put his father's life in peril. I don't know if that would prepare him for this accident, but at least it might be less of a surprise ... maybe?

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Still, it makes you wonder if we as parents have the right to carry on high-risk activities once we have kids. Life itself is risky, of course. Any one of us could get hit by a car just crossing the street. But some hobbies and careers put us at extra risk. And when the worst happens, I can't help feeling angry at the parents for exposing their kids to this horrific loss.

One of your biggest priorities as a parent is simply to stay alive and as able-bodied and present as possible for your children. When you choose to become a parent, you also choose to give a few things up. Should Rodas have given up racing when he became a father? Reports suggest Rodas and Walker were street racing near a charity where Rodas' son was present. What were they thinking?!? It's impossible to ask that question now. We don't know everything about what led to the crash, but it isn't hard to speculate that Rodas may have taken unnecessary risks because his profession gave him extra confidence as a driver. I'm torn between feeling angry with Rodas for not being more careful and feeling compassion for him and his son for their loss.

What kinds of risks do you think adults should give up once they become parents?


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wamom223 wamom223

I really wish I wouldn't have read this.  Its even more heartbreaking.

peanu... peanutsmommy1

A little girl in my son's karate class lost her mom and unborn sister because mom was rear ended while stopped to make a turn.

Life is precious and unpredictable no matter what.

nonmember avatar MrsClark

This is sad and heart breaking. However, I think it was dumb for u to say that people should give up risky careers when they have children. Both of my parents were cops and I was damn proud of them. U r taught that although things can happen, that person has proper training and they are making the world a better place. My husband is a firefighter. My children know what he does and they are proud. I am proud. Yes, I know what the risks are. My kids know its a dangerous job, but they are proud. Every shift when he comes home, they ask daddy who he saved that day. So, i think that part of the article was just dumb.

Jeanine Wiegand Davidson

You are a risk taker every time you wake up step out of bed. You could fall in the shower ok so are we to stop taking showers, you can fall down the steps ok so everyone that has children re to get rid of there home and have no steps, common this is a very sad situation no matter if this man had one child or 10. You need to live your life to the fullest not sit around and when the time passes you up sAy I wish I could of. I feel for this young man you lost his life, I feel very sad for the son but people still. We'd to live there life. 

Tina L Strom-Massey

You get the facts right before you post things

Kristina Hampton-Whinery

My issue to this whole thing is that Rodas was NOT at work or driving for a job. He was out with his friend racing around. How does someone who drives for a living lose control so quick. He KNOWS how to drive. He races around tracks and avoids other cars. I wish there was more info on what was going on. I have read so many stories. Now this one with his son trying to save him. Where they on a track? where they just racing up and down Rodas street? I feel there is something more to this story that we are not being told just yet. All in all FAMILIES lost someone they LOVED dearly. They will never be back. I pray that the family get his son help ASAP. I would hate to have this little boy live with guilt over not being able to help his Dad. R.I.P. Guys.....frown mini

Mike Foley

If the street racing thing is true then Rodas was being irresponsible. The racing he does on the track is done in a controlled environment with professionally trained drivers and no outside access to the track. The street is totally unpredictable and no place for racing cars with that type of power. Hopefully this was not a case of street racing

Michelle Collier

I think the Title of this Story should be "The Driver Roger Roda, 8 year old son tried to save him after the fiery crash that killed him and Paul Walker" you make the man sound like an afterthought to Paul Walker, I understand Paul is the more famous person and most well known to all but every news outlet only mentions the driver after you read the story, not one has mentioned him in the headline along with Paul. Its terrible that both are dead, but its adding insult to injury to the remaining family members to Roger.

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