‘Frozen’ Is One Disney Princess Flick Boys Will Love Too -- Promise! (VIDEO)

frozenThanksgiving weekend is almost here and you know what that means: The holiday movies have arrived! One of the most anticipated movies this season is Disney's Frozen, based on Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale, The Ice Queen. Princess Anna (Kristen Bell) makes an intrepid journey through the snow in search of her sister Queen Elsa (Idina Menzel, yes there are musical numbers), who has mistakenly cast all of their kingdom Arendelle under a wintry spell. Along the way she meets Olaf (Josh Gad), the talking snowman, and Kristoff (Jonathan Groff), the gruff ice merchant. It's like Midsummer Night's Dream meets winter! No, actually, it's not at all like that. It's a children's movie. But there are a few plot twists and reversals you'll enjoy. The big question is, will both girls and boys love it?


Is it scary? Um, no. I saw this movie in a theater filled with kids who looked as young as 3 years old. There are some intense fighting scenes, which is why I would recommend taking kids age 5 and older, especially if you're going for the 3-D experience. But aside from that, the imagery isn't scary at all.

Is it worth seeing in 3-D? About 80 percent of the time, my answer is an emphatic NO. But in this case, there are some truly enchanting visual effects you'll want to see in all their glory. If it won't break the bank, do spring for the 3-D.

How's the Power Princess Factor? In these modern times, we demand more of a storybook heroine. She can't be a passive waif who gets rescued. In this case, Frozen doesn't disappoint. Both female leads are powerful, exciting young women who participate as active agents in their own stories and even rescue others, not just themselves. Love it.

Any great life lessons? Oh my God, it was all I could do not to call up my sister immediately after the movie and blubber on about how much I love her. (Fortunately she just happened to be flying in for a visit the next day.) This movie is all about sisterhood and the strength of family bonds, forgiveness, second chances, and loyalty. With the right light touch, parents could turn this movie into a few teachable moments and discussions. LIGHT touch.

Will my son like it? Because despite the clever marketing and two male leads, this could come across as a princess movie. Hello, there's singing. Well, I can only speak for my son, but I think it'll appeal to boys, too. My big, jaded 9-year-old actually clapped at the end of the movie, and I definitely heard him laugh a lot. Of course an hour later he was pointing out flaws, but overall I think he enjoyed it. It helps that the musical numbers don't go on too long.

Are your kids asking to see Frozen this weekend?


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