Cop's Sweet Gesture for Little Girl With Tattered Shoes Is Just Beautiful

girl's shoesSniff, sniff! This is one of those stories that will make you believe in the kindness of strangers for sure. On a visit to an elementary school in Melbourne, Florida, a police officer noticed that a first grade little girl was wearing a pair of shoes that were "flapping in the breeze."

And instead of feeling sorry for her, he took action. After asking her what her shoe size was, this cop bought her two new pairs of shoes in fuchsia and bright orange, along with socks to match.


According to a bookkeeper at the school, the little girl was elated -- and was so proud to show off her new shoes to everyone.

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Here's where the best part comes in. The man disappeared before anyone could get his name, which means he wasn't looking for any sort of praise or recognition for helping out a child in need. Imagine that. Someone being generous for the sake of being generous -- not because they want any sort of accolades.

Can you imagine how moved this girl's parents must have been when she came home from school that day? It can't be easy to send your child out the door each day in shoes that are tattered and worn. To see her return that day with a smile on her face and brand new shoes on her feet must have been a dream come true -- especially since she was given not one, but two pairs.

And in addition to the wonderful gift, this little girl was also taught such an important lesson in helping others. I'm sure she will always remember just how happy she was when he presented her with those shoes. She'll hopefully want to do the same to make another person's day at some point down the road.

Would you be grateful if someone did something like this for your child?


Image via Richard 'Tenspeed' Heaven/Flickr

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