Overworked First Grader Writes Senator to Ask for a 'Break' (VIDEOS)

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sophie mullinsWe've all had those days when we felt overworked, burned out, and in dire need of a BREAK! And by all of us, I mean even first graders like Sophie Mullins, who goes to Gauley River Elementary in Craigsville, West Virginia and recently wrote to U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin to lament her hefty workload!

According to her mother, Sarah Mullins, the inspiration came from an "inside joke" at home: "She would be like ‘Daddy, its so hard!' And he was like, “You need to write your congressman.'” But Sophie took her father's advice seriously -- and penned the following letter to Sen. Manchin ...

Sophie wrote:

All we do is work, work, work. I need a break. Can you please help?

Aww, definitely sounds familiar. It seems like homework loads have gotten heftier over the years for younger kids, so Sophie's a legit, common complaint. And perhaps that's one reason why the senator make a point to respond, phoning Sophie to give the 6-year-old some solid advice.

Manchin told her:

You’re working all the time, aren’t you? So what I’m doing is, see, I’m giving you a break right now. I wanted you to take a little bit of time off since you work so hard. ... If you work hard, it’s going to pay off!

Manchin continued, urging her to “keep working hard on your studies, so you get smarter so you can help us.” Well, he makes a good point! Sounds like solid, perfect advice considering the future constituent's complaint. After all, knowledge is power ... and it doesn't hurt to empowering a first grader by emphasizing that her studies are going to have a positive, valuable upshot. Though, glad he made it clear that a little bit of time off here and there is important, too!

Here's footage of Sen. calling Sophie ...

And here's more from news station WSAZ, in which her mom discusses the impact the phone call made on her daughter:



What do you think about how the senator handled Sofie's letter? How do you feel about your child's workload?

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Aviva Fischer

"And perhaps that's one reason why the senator make a point to respond, ..." I hope that I am not going to be the only one who catches this- on an article about education. Perhaps the homework load will help this little girl NOT publish an article with such an obvious error.

crunc... crunchymomma87

Why is everyone on this website so negative and harsh on the writers in comment sections? Do you really think writers make 0 mistakes? I've seen plenty from the huff post to fox news to local, ect ect. Quit being so snarky!

This is adorable! I'm very glad he took the time to reach out this girl. Maybe because of this she will one day work in politics to reform education? Who knows, but it's not everyday we get to read cute stories with happy endings, right? 

nonmember avatar Wyatt's mom

Crunchmomm87----Amen Sister. Negative all the time here.

Woody Lisa Irish

Agreed about the negativity. As far as the girl....I am getting it. Good the man took the time. I am impressed!


Andre... Andreamom001

First graders shouldn't have homework.  That's absurd.  They need time to play and develop in other areas, too.  Everything a first grader learns all day in school can be learned in ten minutes of homeschooling a day. 

Kids that young have enough to do with school all day as it is.  Research has shown that there is no benefit in learning when kids in elementary school are given homework.  No need.

The Senator was sweet to respond, though.

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