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7 Important Skills Kids Just Can't Do Anymore

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It doesn't take a genius to realize that being a kid these days is very different than it was 20 years ago. Though there are some things about childhood that I am surprised to hear have changed. A new study says that kids today can't run as fast as previous generations. The reason? They are too fat.

But are we really surprised by this stat? Kids sit on their butts all day playing with tech gadgets and video games or watching one of the 500 channels now available. It’s our fault. These advancements makes life easier for parents. It keeps them occupied while we get other stuff done. This study got me thinking about all the other things our kids can't do anymore. Take a look.

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Jespren Jespren

It's *not* 'way more dangerous' today. Crime stats, unless you live in a few very specific areas, are down from when we were kids. What's changed is a bunch of lemmings allowing themselves to be swept away by media constantly hyping crimes that happen all over the country, even the world, like they happened in our own neighborhood. Don't let hypersensationalized fear take away childhood. There isn't a single good reason-unless you live in say the destroyed Detroit area-to let your kids enjoy the same freedom as you did.

zombi... zombiemommy916

I guess we're "old-fashioned" because our two school-aged kids (8 & 11) are perfectly capable and successful at all of these things (with the exception of researching in a library)...this post is depressing!!!

Alisha Haskett

It's the 'parents fault' that it's 'more dangerous these days'? This article is ridiculous. 

Lucki... Luckicharmz

This is a tad ridiculous, while my 4 yr old is not of age to do some of these things my daughter certainly does all of them. Her school refused to teach cursive so we taught her, they refused to teach her spelling so we taught her, she runs track and does "road racing", and she adores the library.

sylph... sylph_ironlight

How are most of these things the 'parents' fault'? Dang you mom and dad for not teaching me cursive! *rolls eyes*

the4m... the4mutts

Well, I can agree that this is the case with plenty of kids, but it certainly isn't the case with mine. All my kids ride their bikes on our block, or on a bike path when we take them. They all run, they're all excellent at math and reading, they teach cursive at my kid's school, but it doesnt matter because I already taught the older 2.

The only one that applies to us is the library one. Mine don't go to the library. 2 reasons though

1. We have a small home library, complete with encyclopedias, and what we don't have, the book store around the corner does have

2. There's nothing wrong with googling information. It's not a travesty if you dont have the info they need for an assignment, to google and print out sources for them.

Daisy... DaisyJupes

I will say that things were just as dangerous back when my parents (1960/70s) were teens/kids, but that we hear about it significantly more. Every Karen my mom knew (it was a very popular name) was raped and half of them murdered from age 12-20. This was doing things like walking down the street and riding bikes in safe neighborhoods.

It's is the teacher's fault that they don't know how to research in a library. Kids are encouraged to go online.

aeneva aeneva

Wow my kids do all these things except #1 because we live on an extremely busy road.  That being said they do spend hours at a time playing on our 10 acres of land with little supervision.

katyq katyq

We have common core here in Idaho and children are still taught cursive. At least at the school where my friend teaches. Also, i have not noted any reluctance to do basic math in any child in my family.

lilmo... lilmoosesmom

Wow. I can happily disagree with everything but riding bikes with buddies and research in the library. My son knows how to ride and does ride his bike. But there are no other children his age to ride with.

And so far he hasn't had to research anything for school or anywhere. He's eight.

But everything he does and does well. And infact he rather write in cursive than print!

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