7 Important Skills Kids Just Can't Do Anymore

Ericka Sóuter | Nov 25, 2013 Being a Mom
7 Important Skills Kids Just Can't Do Anymore

It doesn't take a genius to realize that being a kid these days is very different than it was 20 years ago. Though there are some things about childhood that I am surprised to hear have changed. A new study says that kids today can't run as fast as previous generations. The reason? They are too fat.

But are we really surprised by this stat? Kids sit on their butts all day playing with tech gadgets and video games or watching one of the 500 channels now available. It’s our fault. These advancements makes life easier for parents. It keeps them occupied while we get other stuff done. This study got me thinking about all the other things our kids can't do anymore. Take a look.

  • Bike With Buddies All Day


    Image via SLO County Bicycle Coalition/Flickr

    When I was growing up, kids could ride bikes around the neighborhood together for hours. However, it's a far more dangerous world today and we rarely let them out of our sight for very long. The result? They have lost that wonderful sense of adventure and independence.

  • Write in Cursive


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    Thanks to curriculums like the Common Core, kids won't ever be taught cursive. If that's happening in your school, parents should complain. Kids need to know how to properly sign their names.

  • Running


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    As the study states, kids in general are just too overweight to move fast these days. In general, they don't get enough exercise. And why should they when being sedentary (with all their cool gadgets) is still so much fun.

  • Add & Subtract


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    Everything from phones to watches to MP3 players have calculators these days. Kids aren't even trying to do addition on their own if they can avoid it.

  • Do Research In a Library


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    There are children who have never stepped into a public library. To them, "looking up" something or "researching" information means typing it into Google or Wikepedia.

  • Patience ... for Anything


    Image via John Morgan/Flickr

    Kids are so impatient these days. The reason? We parents don't make them wait for anything. Somehow it has become our job to make sure they are occupied every minute or every day.

  • Memorize Telephone Numbers


    Image via macinate/Flickr

    Need to reach mom? All you have to do is tell Siri to "Call home." The same goes for every number they need. They have no idea what the actual digits are.

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