Little Girl Is Completely Devastated Upon Learning That Mom Is Pregnant (VIDEO)

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Penny and James

OMG. Ready to laugh your butt off? If I were you, I'd make it a point to put down your beverage before watching this video of a brother and sister reacting to their mom's pregnancy news -- because if you don't, you'll likely spit coffee, water, whatever all over your computer screen.

The clip of siblings Penny and James was shared on Ellen's Good News, and when I tell you it's absolutely priceless, that's probably the understatement of the year.

Their parents decided to break the news to them together, so they wrote a little note, which they had James read out loud.

Again ... put down whatever you are drinking -- then check out their reactions.


Yeah sure ... I'll pause for a minute so you can go back and watch the clip again. (I've already seen it about 10 times.)

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My absolute favorite part of the whole thing is right after James reads the news and starts getting all excited suddenly Penny realizes what's happening and gets this stone cold look on her face. I mean ... is she pissed or is she pissed about having a new baby brother or sister?!?

And then it gets even better when her dad tries to cheer her up by telling her the baby will be born around her birthday. Um, hello? That's HER day, Daddy. And now this baby is going to come along and steal her thunder in addition to ruining her entire life. (Gah.)

Of course, I'm sure Penny will warm up to the idea of being a big sister once her little sibling makes his or her entrance. One can hope. And if not? Oh well, at least the kid's big brother is ecstatic about adding another member to the family.

How did your kids react to the news that they'd be getting a new brother or sister?


Image via Ellen



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adamat34 adamat34

Its not that funny......

Meagan Asay

Welcome to middle kid syndrome! I feel her pain!

Laura Towns Spradlin

My daughter reacted the same way when I told her that I was having a baby!!! Later she felt badly about it because she adored her baby sister when she arrived.

nonmember avatar lucy

Wow jealousy jealousy and she is REALLY really jealous and upset here..good luck little brother or will need it..

Eric Walker

that little idiot has been waiting his whole life to be a big brother?  is he unaware that the girl sitting next to him is his little sister?

Tammi Leibee

Cody gave his sister, Jessika evil stares until he touched her little toes and then she was HIS sissy and I couldn't let anyone take her anywhere without him because he would cry wanting her back. Then when she got a little older and would bother his toys he would get upset and say, "Mommy, take sissy back to Wal-Mart where you got her!" LOL

Freela Freela

My son was happy when I was pg with my youngest, because he thought that meant we could 'give back' his other sister.  When he found out we would be keeping both, he was less thrilled! LOL!  Actually, he lived in fear that we would have a fourth baby for years... when I needed to have surgery anyways and got my tubes tied, he was so happy!  When he came to see me in hospital, he told me he was, "So relieved, because you already have enough kids!"

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

Haha! I could so see my youngest acting like that if we had a baby coming. My oldest asked for a long time after her sister came home if we could take her back to the hospital. She's still not fond of her but tolerates her well lol

Sosca... SoscaMama

Yea, I actually didn't laugh at all. Looked like a pretty standard response if you ask me, on both spectrums: sheer elation, sheer devastation. 

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