Girl Saves Mom's Life Thanks to Movie Most Parents Wouldn't Let Her See

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A mom in Oregon is counting her blessings right now after her 7-year-old daughter performed the Heimlich maneuver and saved her life after she started choking on a piece of sausage.

Amira Thorton was relaxing on the couch watching TV, something plenty of 7-year-olds do, when she heard an odd noise coming from the kitchen. She ran in to find her mom, Jennifer, standing there choking.

And instead of panicking, Amira immediately knew she had to give the Heimlich a try -- something her grandfather had taught her and a move she'd seen performed in the movie, Mrs. Doubtfire. Yes ... it has a PG-13 rating. But so what?

Check out this video to hear more about how this little girl saved her mom's life.

Can you believe she had the strength to pick her mom up off the floor not one, but three times?!?

And I'm loving that she's crediting a Robin Williams flick with helping her know what to do. Mrs. Doubtfire is a classic, but some parents may be hesitant to let their kids watch something like that because it's not a cartoon and it's not even PG-rated ... but PG-13.

But just look at what an important life lesson this little girl learned by watching it? Sure ... we have to monitor what our kids watch to make sure movies are appropriate -- but we shouldn't write all movies that aren't "kid flicks" off. You never know what kind of skills they could possibly pick up and remember when presented with a sticky situation, as in Amira's case.

And while her grandfather teaching her the Heimlich probably made her more in tune to it in the movie, watching the flick still must have reinforced it a bit in her mind.

I'm sure this mom is thanking her lucky stars that her daughter was paying attention and knew what to do that day. She should be very proud of what a brave, resourceful, and smart little girl she's raising!

Can you think of any good lessons or skills your kids have learned from movies?


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ollie... olliespunkma

If her grandfather taught her then im sure the movie didn't really have a huge impact plus mrs daubtfire is considered a family movie it's not lile she was watching horror or something

adamat34 adamat34

Who wouldnt let their kids watch mrs doubtfire??

We let them play youtube videos...please.

Good for this little girl!

Ally Swarrow

If I had a 7-year-old, I would let them watch Mrs. Doubtfire. It's only PG-13 because of the language content.

nonmember avatar Christina

The PG-13 of 1993 is the PG of today.

nonmember avatar Niki

I have a four year old boy, who watches Jurassic park and loves it. Especially the part when t Rex eats the man off the toilet. It all depends on the child. He has a baby sister and is very gentle with her, he has no violent tendencys and is very outgoing and polite. As long as you talk to your kids about what their watching, and explain it all so they understand what they're watching . Very young kids can watch movies with some adult content.

nonmember avatar julia

I got halfway through this sad attempt at professional "writing" before I thought, "is this Mary Fischer again?" Yup. Please please please find some content. 'Should they be allowed to watch Mrs. Doubtfire?' Seriously? I CAN NOT BELIEVE you get paid to write.

Ginger Hawelu

you get paid to write this garbage? LMAO

nonmember avatar NoWay

Why are you people so rude and judgemental? And while I don't always like or agree with some of the articles written on The Stir, some others are very good. If you hate it so much, don't read it!

Vinta... VintageWife

I love you, Julia! I read part of the article and try to guess which one it is too.

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