8-Year-Old Nonverbal Autistic Boy Sings Katy Perry's 'Roar' While Mom Cheers

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Recently, 8-year-old Jack Robbins was mumbling something to himself, when his mom Carla got so proud that she grabbed the video camera and started recording. At first she thought he was muttering nonsense, but as she listened, she realized he was singing the lyrics to Katy Perry’s “Roar.”

That’s wouldn’t necessarily be a huge achievement for most kids, except that Jack has nonverbal autism.

According to his mom, Jack doesn’t speak without being spoken to, and has trouble putting words together spontaneously.

She commented on the YouTube video she uploaded of Jack:

We heard our nonverbal autistic son saying or singing something repeatedly every day and we thought it was nonsense, meaningless jabber. UNTIL one day (this morning) we really listened and figured out he was SINGING Katy Perry's "Roar" song! He never says a word he is not told to say and he spontaneously sang this song, over and over because, well, obviously he likes it! Which is a miracle and so cool that he had a preference for music, an artist, a song AND he's singing it! Katy Perry you should meet our beautiful son Jack who obviously loves you! :-)

So cute! Take a look at the video to watch this adorable kid and hear the pride in his mama’s voice as she cheers him on.

Do you believe music can help us connect to others, regardless of special needs?


Image via Carla Robbins/YouTube


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nonmember avatar Kimberly

Awesome. <3


I thought non verbal meant not speaking at all. But how awesome for this family!

Tanya Ring

music does amazing things

Julie Massie

Love this. My son is non verbal, too. What a joy to discover something they like by their own admission, sort of :)

zombi... zombiemommy916

My little sister-in-law is severely autistic and has MMR (she's 23), I work with her constantly and she's also non-verbal like this little boy EXCEPT when we watch "Bridezillas" together during downtime...for whatever reason, that show brings her so much joy!!! Her docs say, "if it makes her happy, do it" so it's our thing :)

knowi... knowitall3

My daughter also loves this song and is almost twoyears behind in her speech. Most of the time she shuts down when we try to interact with her however everytime i plsy this song she dances and says roar! :) maybe it's Katy's voice?! She's also liked firework & California girls. She will sing it on her own though I'm really the only one to understand what she's saying it's amazing.

You go Jack!!!! :)

angel... angelachristine

my dd is 10 and mostly nonverbal autistic and this is what she sounds like when she sings too. I think a lot of the ones that aren't very verbal are obsessed with singing because she will sit and sing for hours. 

nonmember avatar connie

I love this! I am a special education teacher and this should give his parents hope! He is so adorable and a beautiful boy! You go, Jack!!!!!!

nonmember avatar mollie

Why is everybody making a big deal out of this stupid looking boy singing horribly?

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