10 Gorgeous Holiday Gifts Kids Can Make Themselves

Jeanne Sager | Dec 4, 2013 Big Kid
10 Gorgeous Holiday Gifts Kids Can Make Themselves
Image: Small for Big

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My daughter has been telling me for weeks now that she's making my Christmas gift. So far she hasn't slipped and told me WHAT it is, but I'm looking forward to a handmade holiday gift under the tree. Anything that my kid makes I will treasure. I've received homemade mugs, drawings, and lovely cards from my little one that I'm sure I will hold on to for years to come. These are the perks of being a mom, right?

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But let's face it: Unfortunately not all handmade kid gifts are created equal. Some are more, let's say, useful than others. And cuter. Much cuter.

If one has crafty kiddos at home, why not let them loose with ideas to make something Grandma and Aunt Susie will actually use? We've rounded up some of the cutest -- and easiest -- handmade holiday gift ideas tailor-made for little hands! Cute and practical is the way to go for the holidays ... trust us on this one. 

We've got gift ideas for everyone, from the teacher to the family's favorite baker, to the diehard reader to the lady who loves her nails covered -- so dive in.


  • Circle Punch Art


    Image via Mer Mag

    Let's face it, often kids' artwork is a little, shall we say, abstract? You'll lovingly display it on the fridge, but there are only a few pieces you really want to frame. This circle punch art idea from Mer Mag falls under the latter category for sure! Easy for kids to make, what really makes it special is the myriad color combinations your kiddos can come up with for a mod piece of art any relative would be proud to hang in the foyer.

  • Helping Hand Oven Mitts


    Have a baker in the house? Then they'll love the Helping Hand Oven Mitts that Jenn of Momma D and Da Boyz and her kids cooked up as an easy present for the holidays. All it takes is some cheap oven mitts, fabric paint, and lots of love. Bonus: the kids get to get a little messy ... what kid doesn't love that?

  • Silly Magnets


    Image via Make and Takes

    Folks, Grandma's fridge only has so much room for the grandkids' beautiful works of art. But she can never have enough magnets for the fridge, can she? And if said magnets double as works of art, well ... even better!

    The moms at Make and Takes have a super simple tutorial to turn the craft supplies you probably have lying around your house into silly magnets for the whole family!

  • Manicure in a Jar


    Gifts in jars are tailor made for kiddie crafters because they're easy to assemble, and any time a kid decorates a jar, it can double as a pen-holder or vase.

    This idea for a manicure in a jar from This Mama Loves... is super simple, and if your kids don't feel like decorating the jar, there are even free printables to label the gift!

  • No Sew T-Shirt Bag


    Image via Thrifty Ninja


    Who couldn't use another reusable bag for groceries? This project from Thrify Ninja makes for a practical gift. Even better, the no-sew t-shirt bag is easy enough for any kid who knows how to use a set of scissors.

  • Printed Napkins


    Image via Brashear Kids

    The world would be a cleaner place if we stopped using disposables such as napkins. So give your kids a chance to green the earth and light up someone's holiday with this eco-friendly printed napkin tutorial from Brashear Kids. All it takes is some cloth, some fabric paint, and they can get their gifting on!

  • Driftwood Christmas Tree


    Image via Paint Cut Paste


    Sometimes the best gifts from kids are the ones you pull out every holiday, but who needs another ornament? This driftwood Christmas tree dreamed up by the mom behind Paint Cut Paste puts a whole new twist on holiday decor that kids can make! Half the fun is the outside scavenger hunt to find everything you need to make it.

    Oh, and did I mention most of the materials can be found outside? Talk about an inexpensive gift!

  • Clay Apple Jar


    Image via Crafty Moods

    Looking for something the kids can make the teacher this year? Look no further! This tutorial from Crafty Moods turns mini flower pots into a clay apple jar that will hold all the rubberbands and flowerclips on the teacher's desk.

  • Silk Scarf -- Dyed With Tissue Paper


    Image via Rachael Rabbit

    Did you ever think your kids could make something as stylish as a silk scarf for you this holiday? This is no macaroni necklace! Mom blogger Rachael Rabbit has a technique for dyeing silk scarves with -- of all things -- tissue paper! And it's easy peasy for little kiddos!

  • Bead Bunny Bookmarks


    Image via Small for Big

    Your kiddos may not know what their aunt and uncle are reading these days (you may not exactly WANT them to know!). But if you've got a reader in the family, the bead bunny bookmarks from Small for Big are a must make.

    They look complicated, I know, but the way she's broken them down into steps is so easy that your average 7-year-old could easily make a bookmark that looks like a pro made it!

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