10 Gorgeous Holiday Gifts Kids Can Make Themselves

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My daughter has been telling me for weeks now that she's making my Christmas gift. So far she hasn't slipped and told me WHAT it is, but I'm looking forward to a handmade holiday gift under the tree. Anything that my kid makes I will treasure. I've received homemade mugs, drawings, and lovely cards from my little one that I'm sure I will hold on to for years to come. These are the perks of being a mom, right?


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But let's face it: Unfortunately not all handmade kid gifts are created equal. Some are more, let's say, useful than others. And cuter. Much cuter.

If one has crafty kiddos at home, why not let them loose with ideas to make something Grandma and Aunt Susie will actually use? We've rounded up some of the cutest -- and easiest -- handmade holiday gift ideas tailor-made for little hands! Cute and practical is the way to go for the holidays ... trust us on this one. 

We've got gift ideas for everyone, from the teacher to the family's favorite baker, to the diehard reader to the lady who loves her nails covered -- so dive in.


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