Light Filled Bedroom & Playroom Is the Perfect Kid Oasis

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What's your policy on toys in your child's bedroom? Yay or nay? Sometimes you don't have much of a choice which is why I knew I had to share this inspirational space that manages to make a bedroom and playroom work together seamlessly as one.

Click through to see all of the amazing details below:

The room is an unusual shape with cottage paneled ceilings and walls in this corner, but the white paint job makes it feel light and bright and the toddler bed fits just right. I love how the cupboard behind opens up into a doll house complete with twinkle lights. Dreamy!

A play kitchen, how delightful! What little child wouldn't love to have one of these in their room?

A table set for tea, the perfect way to spend an afternoon. 

What a fun little corner! Lots of storage in the big armoire on the left, and a kid-sized table tucked underneath the window. 

I really love all the feminine details found in this space, from dainty dresses strung up with clothespins and the doll bed nearby, so sweet!

I'm all for multi-tasking when it comes to making the most out of a space and this room is simultaneously functional, fun, and full of imagination. 

Are you in favor of toys in your child's room, or do you do your best to keep the sleeping and play spaces as separate as possible?

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the4m... the4mutts

Why are all the kid's rooms you bloggers post, done in so much WHITE? It may look good in a magazine, but is very impractical for real life children. And every one y'all post lately is the same. White, with a few accent colors, and very sparse. I cant imagine a real parent without housekeepers or something, ever having a room like this for a small child.

Teletha McDonald

Yes, Mutts, I agree. It is so totally stark that is literally hurts my eyes. And all I could think about is chocolate, or poop, or blood, or any kind of food or God knows what else that a child may actually have that would mar that room.

Hayley Frink

I love the white! So fresh! Hard to keep clean? Maybe white carpet? White walls aren't hard. Just magic erase those bad boys!

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