Brown-Nosing Kid's Get Well Card to Sick Teacher Goes Viral (PHOTO)

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batman on a toiletWhen you're little, life is one giant adventure. Ice cream can give you headaches?! Bees sting?! The lessons we sometimes have, uh, forced on us change our lives -- very often for the better. This was definitely the case for one little boy. When he learned that his teacher hadn't been feeling well, he leaped into action, like a superhero of sorts. Surely the source of her ailment could be cured by the scientific fact about the body he had just learned. That fact? Pooping makes you feel better. Indeed, this boy was the Batman of Bowel Movements.

You heard it here first, folks. Ain't no thang a little time dedicated to the intestinal mambo can't fix. I don't know which part of this note he wrote is better -- the fact that he shares his tips with such exuberance, or the fact that he thought absolutely nothing of sharing his "discovery" with his beloved teacher. Boys will be boys, I guess. And boys are as wonderful as they are disgusting.

If this kid stays as awesome as he is now, he stands a good chance of pushing The Most Interesting Man in the World from his very own throne. Seriously, this dude has got it figured out. Can you imagine the little fella tootling over to his teacher with this note (and accompanying drawings) in hand?

The note itself read as follows:

kids get well note

He follows up his stellar instructions with drawings. They are presumably of his teacher, first not feeling well, and then, in front of a toilet, muchly soothed having moved her bowels. This guy could have worked as Elvis's doctor. His innocence and concern for his teacher almost outweigh the strictly funny element here. I said 'almost.'

Has your kid ever given you hilarious advice?


Image via Coke Whitworth/Aurora Photos/Corbis

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Count... CountryMomma123

That is too funny. It sounds like something my four year old twins sons would come up with for their Pre-K teacher when he is out sick. LOL

Hippi... HippiPotPi419

this is hilarious...I would keep this card forever

nonmember avatar Maggie

This card makes me laugh every time I see it. And if that doesn't make you feel better, then nothing will! lol :)

Heather Marie Miller

We follow the same rule of thumb (err....bottom) in this house! If you feel crappy....well....LOL! I love the little boys enthusiasm! It's great!

kckcm2 kckcm2

That's fan-freaking-tastic

Nichole Williams

I am laughing so hard!!! This is too funny!!!

socal... socalmommy13

So freaking cute! Like above mentioned ^ ^^^ i would keep this card forever! So sweet!

arlis... arliss123

This is usually the FIRST question I ask my 4 year old  when she doesn't feel good. "Do you need to poop?"

Carol Frazer

When my oldest grandson was 3, I had to use the bathroom at JCPenneys.  Naturally I had to drag him in the ladies room with me.. This child never quit talking.  "Nana, do you have to take a poopie?" I'm like shhh, look in Nana's purse. "Nana, are you ok?" Yes, "Nana, if you push it will come out."  By now, all the ladies in the other stalls are dying laughing and I just want to hide forever.  "Aw Nana, you did such a good job."  I waited until everyone had left before I opened the door to the stall. 

Needless to say this child has grown up and gets embarassed by his 3 younger siblings.  Pay back.


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