Why Moms Can Feel a Lot Better About Serving Mac 'n' Cheese for Dinner

mac and cheeseGreat news for those of us who want fewer funky ingredients in our kids' food. Kraft says they'll remove artificial dyes from three mac and cheese products. Starting early next year, the SpongeBob, Halloween, and "winter shapes" macaroni you see on grocery store shelves will be tinted with natural ingredients like paprika instead. (Their "original" flavor mac and cheese is already dye-free.) They're not saying yet whether they'll change the food dyes in their other mac and cheese foods. But it's great that parents will have more dye-free options for one of the most kid-friendly foods ever invented. Think maybe food companies are getting the message from us that we want more chemical-free foods?


Kraft says this change has nothing to do with the Change.org petition asking for just that. Riiiight ... Whatever you say, Kraft. But I don't even care who they credit for inspiring this change. I'm just glad it's happening.

Of course, you could not feed your kids boxed macaroni and cheese.

Bwahahahaha! I'm just kidding. I caved in on the stuff years ago. Even though I believe fervently in cooking from scratch and using real food and feeding your kids a wide variety of foods, especially vegetables, there's something almost unavoidable about boxed mac and cheese. It just makes your life so much easier to keep the stuff stocked in your pantry for emergencies. (We're partial to Annie's.)

So these convenience foods parents rely on -- we really need them to be healthier. Or at the very least less junky. Even though I consider them "sometimes" foods, I think kids' foods in general should have higher nutritional standards than "adult" foods. It seems like it's always been the reverse, but maybe we're finally seeing that change.

Do you care if your kids' food has artificial ingredients?


Image via D Sharon Pruitt/Flickr

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