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16 Grossest Things Parents Do for Their Kids

kid picking his nose
You don't have to be a parent very long to realize the universal truth of kids: they're gross. They burp and fart with reckless abandon, and they've never heard a potty joke that did not leave them on the floor in stitches. But parents, let's be honest with ourselves for a second, shall we? We're pretty gross too.

At least, we parents do some pretty disgusting things for the sake of our kids.

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Yes, all parents, even the faint of heart, have found themselves helping covered in pee or poop a time or two (and sometimes both). You are not alone!

And to prove it, we here at The Stir asked parents to 'fess up to some of the most disgusting things they've done for their kids.

Think you can top number 11? What's the most disgusting thing you've done for your kids?


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nonmember avatar Rebecca Dirking

Yes we moms do a lot of things for our children out of love.

nonmember avatar Emmie

The shirt/tissue.. wipe on the cuff and fold down or lift the shirt and wipe. In a pinch with no kleenex.

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

Yea, I've sacrificed my hoodie sleeve MANY a time as a snot catcher....

2baby... 2babymomma

I don't know anyone that has ducked boogies like literally as I assume this suggests

KiraJ... KiraJenLove

You forgot - (for kids in at least 5th grade) - popping their zits.

OkieG... OkieGirlKatrina

I caught my son's a a part for my husban's co-worker and just about EVERYONE from his office was there and saw my son get sick.  Talk about a party (and appetite) killer!

throwing up

Sharon Merryman

okay, I'm with everyone on the sucking snot. NO WAY!  Have scooped poop and pretty much all the above, except for dead bugs in laundry. Just hasn't happened yet.  Head lice can be avoided if parents would  put some kind of gel, mouse or hair spray in their children's hair before they go to school. The lice doesn't like it. 

nonmember avatar Jess

not sure i can handle the catching puke thing but just tonight my 15 month old (first child) got out of the shower and was running around with the towel when he started making his poop face so i plopped him on the toilet, he refused so i went and got a diaper. i asked him to come here and he did, he walked up to me, said thank you and handed me his poop. that tops my list so far

Crystal Rider

I have never chewed on baby's fingernails/ Toe nails but yes to everything else and then some. 

adopt... adoption2013

Enemas for my daughter, removing and washing socks that smelled like rotting meat and a plate of maggotty perogies that a relatives kid left under his bed in August during a heatwave (different occasions) when he was living with me.

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