Woman Plans to Give 'Fat' Kids Mean Letter Instead of Candy on Halloween (PHOTO)

That's Criminal 115

halloween letterHalloween is the one time of year where the sugar rules in my house are eased. You can't have Halloween without at least a little bit of candy and of course some witches. One West Fargo woman really believes in the very evil witch part (perhaps that should be a "b" instead of "w") and has decided that instead of giving out a treat, she's offering up a trick in the form of a note that fat shames a child.

I can almost see a cherubic princess all decked out in an adorable pink satin gown, sparkly crown in her hair, proudly holding her homemade magic wand ringing the bell at this meanie's house, and happily shouting, "Trick or treat!" She says thank you as the evil woman places the note in her plastic pumpkin. She walks away and reads it. HER HALLOWEEN HAS NOW BEEN RUINED. Behold the full note.

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west fargo halloween note


That pumpkin on the note should have a big old sad face instead.

Just like there are Halloween treats that should be banned (pennies? toothbrushes? come on, people!) -- mean notes to children should never be allowed. "It takes a village"? Then step up and do something the right way. But giving a note like this to the kids? That's just meaner than mean.

The woman, who has remained anonymous (though we may soon find out where she lives once trick or treating starts), went on her local radio station enforcing her point. She told Y-24:

I just want to send a message to the parents of kids that are really overweight. ... I think it's just really irresponsible of parents to send them out looking for free candy just 'cause all the other kids are doing it.

Does she not know what Halloween is? That's what it's all about! Kids getting all dressed up, ringing doorbells, and saying trick or treat for some free chocolate and lollipops and sugar hearts and temporary tattoos and sometimes even raisins and pencils and apples and erasers and more chocolate and sugar. Maybe she's had some of her own issues with the celebration when she was a child? Maybe we should check on the state of her house after these notes start going on. Toilet papered in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

We all know that the better statement saying there is too much unhealthy crap given out at Halloween is to hand out some raisins or pencils. Or, you know, do it right and start some health initiative with local representatives to get the town motivated and healthier. There's a thought! No need to ruin Halloween for the kids with an evil note.

What do you think of this note? Mean or warranted?


Image via KWQC David Nelson

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Rachel Hall

Why not just give out healthy snacks instead? I have a feeling this woman's house will look like a war zone on Halloween night. I bet you $5 her house will get egged, rolled, windows soaped, and prob a big ol blazing bag of dog poo on her porch. It wont be the teens who do it but the parents. She is just asking for trouble. SMH

Cavin... CavinsMummy

Ruining a child's holiday is never ok. I don't care how fat a child is it's a parents job to realize it or the child's Dr. NOT THE PUBLIC! Too bad if this evil stupid woman does this and no one has even the slightest idea where this witch lives to avoid her house and humiliation!!!!

nonmember avatar Emmie

What a stupid bitch. I can't figure out why people these days seem to think that what other people eat is their business. If you want to only feed your kids organic, vegan, gluten-free, etc - I don't give a shit - it's your kid! If she feels so strongly, then give out pennies or single packs of carrots OR, here's a novel thought, hand out nothing and turn off your porch light.

EmilyH87 EmilyH87

I think it's a mean, nasty thing to do. Why ruin a kid's fun on a holiday and fat shame them to boot? And who the hell is she to judge if a child is "too fat" to get any candy? It's none of her damn business. If she doesn't want to give every kid that comes to her door candy, she should turn out her porch light and not hand out any candy at all!

AliPa... AliParker

It's awfully unfortunate that she has children because they will be as ugly as her. Can you imagine the conversations in this household?! First: do you not think that the parents can see their child?

Second: do you not think that their pediatrician hasn't already pointed this out?

Third: it is none of your business. Other peoples kids are none of your business. It's not your job to make this decision.

Her house will be fine because she will only target the children whose parents wait at the driveway. She won't have the balls to actually give it to a child in front of their parent.

I am so disgusted by this "person". I really hope that someone at some time will make her see how truly ugly she (and probably her children) is. I don't think she would have a spouse and if she does he is probably one of those men that let her know he will not tolerate body changes

adamat34 adamat34

May we see a pic of.this perfect human being please???

This woman is an idiot. Kids need to be kids!! How wilk she scale these kods if they are all in costume anywau??? What a looser.....she is goimg to an un necessary uproar!

hopef... hopefulmommieLW

I'd like to see what this bitch looks like. If she gave that note to my child I'd knock her teeth out. She woldn't be so perfect then!

nonmember avatar Christina

That's sad and mean. All she is doing is making the kids feel bad. What's a parent to do - tell their child that they can't go trick or treating like all the other kids because their too fat? Also, comments like that(especially from an adult) can cause lifelong issues with confidence and weight. A friend's parent once told my sister that she was fat when she was a child and she became an anorexic in her teens almost to the point of starving herself to death! She is no longer anorexic, but still underweight to this day and she is now in her 40s. This woman ought to be ashamed of herself!

Nicole Thomas Turnbo

this bitchs house is so getting egged and the tp treatment!

nonmember avatar Lena

Unless she's the personal pediatrician of every kid on her block, she should shut her trap. It's Halloween. If you don't want to give kids candy (and some would argue that even the skinny kids don't need the sugar when it comes to their teeth) give out raisins for Pete's sake. What a loon.

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