9 Sweet & Silly Birthday Quotes for Your Kid's Card

little girl opening a birthday card

I was cleaning my daughter's room yesterday (I know, I know, but unless you want bugs, sometimes it has to be done), when I uncovered something I never expected she'd keep: a pile of birthday cards. Maybe it's because she's 8 and therefore saves everything (see above: bugs!). But leafing through them, I couldn't bear to throw them out. The sentiments inside were beautiful, especially the handmade birthday wishes.

If she's going to be hanging onto these, I realized I might need to step up my birthday card game. No more store-bought cards! Only handmade and loaded with sweetness from now on.

Struggling for what to say on your kiddo's birthday card? How about some birthday quotes to help get you started? Here are a few worth holding onto!


Would you go for something sweet like 3 or something more like number 8 on your child's card?

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