16 Things You Are Just Now Learning About Preschool


preschoolWhen your child first began school this year there were a sense of excitement with a little bit of fear. I remember thinking how my little ones are just growing up way too fast and gaining some independence and spending more time away from the nest leaving me both happy and sad. Like many others, my twins are in a full-day public school pre-k program. I was going to miss them! Were they going to be okay?

There are also a host of other things I've learned about preschool since that first day that I didn't realize back then.

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1. It can be very difficult to get your kid to school on time.

2. When another parent and child is later than you, you feel a sense of camaraderie.

3. Some moms manage to look amazing at 8:10 a.m. drop-off. Really amazing.

4. There are mornings you are totally wearing your pajamas under your coat.

5. You sort of envy the home lunch moms.

6. There are mom cliques. 

7. There are some moms who don't like other moms to hang out with their husband even if it's a playdate at the park with your kids who are in the same class.

8. There are other moms who have been talking about having a playdate with you and your kids since September but it still hasn't happened.

9. You might be that mom talking about playdates but never able to actually making it happen.

10. Lice. OMG LICE!

11. The PTA kind of makes your head want to explode. You want to be involved, but it seems so involved.

12. Lots of people send their kids to school sick. Including you.

13. There are kids you wish your kid were friends with because you like their mom or they seem smart or cool or a good influence.

14. Your kid has some friends that you wish they weren't friends with for other reasons.

15. When you are late to pickup your kid and she's the last one left in class with the teacher you feel like an extreme failure.

16. Your kid seems to be adjusting to school just fine, but it's you who may not be.

Can you relate?


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Knitt... KnittyTina

Most of those summed up my experience!  The LICE!  OMG I forgot about lice.  Here's a tip if you have to deal with it:  For girls with long hair bring out the curling iron or straight iron and put the heat on their hair every day.  It helps to kill off any eggs. 

joey125 joey125

I can relate to pajama s and being late But I always put my lipstick on

Mommy... Mommyfreckles

My kid has to be at preschool at 7:30am. Ya that's really early for her and I! We already had a kid with lice, but it's not a big deal to me. It's gross but it happens and if it did happen to my kid I wouldn't freak out.  What I think you forgot to add about preschool is how academic it is, well at least in California. Children are not coloring all day. They have a lot of standards to meet and they are assessed on a regular basis. Not to mention they also get homework, BUT I can tell you, it is soooo beneficial to them and it really makes a big difference come Kindergarten.

Ariel Evans

I teach PreK and these things happen and I never thought about it. This year my twins are in PreK, at my school, it's been rough, for me. lol My biggest thing is not being able to have true input with my children. I hate it. I feel like my hands are tied constantly....mostly because their teacher and others at the school have a hard time seeing the line drawn between teacher and parent, but I'm working out the kinks. I also think it's hard to not get instant feedback about things that I feel are very important, like sickness, behavior, etc. Those are things that are hard adjustments. 

I also agree with Mommyfreckles about how academic PreK is. My children don't have problems with academics, but my students are getting a harsh reality. We aren't required to do homework, but I do it every night because I feel it's important for students to get used to getting homework ALL THE TIME...it's not hard, but htey have to return it to me. They get a prize after they fill up an incentive chart. I hate that my twins don't get regular homework. :(  

the4m... the4mutts

I didnt notice any of these things with prek. Kindergarten? For sure. But prek was really laid back, and everyone had different drop off times, because it was a "fit your schedule" kind of place. There were no sack lunches allowed. There was never any homework in prek, and we're in CA.

Also, my kids went to a private prek, and there was never any lice, or bad kids. They expelled any bad kids on 3rd offense, because it was a higher class school.

idk, I much prefer it to kindergarten.

ashjo85 ashjo85

I just think it's crazy how EARLY kids go to school these days, and for how long! I never did preschool, I started in half-day kindergarten at 5. I don't remember having regular homework assignments until 6th grade! I went through college, I have a good job. But these days, it starts fast, and it starts early. Kids are required to be reading before starting kindergarten (full day now). I did put mine in a preschool, but it's 5 hours, three days a week. And she has weekly homework packets that she can complete at anytime in the week. We make our kids grow up too darn fast.

andy1477 andy1477

I loved my sons pre-k experience last year. His teachers taught him sign language and got him Interested in learning new things, all the time. This year my daughter is at the same school with completely different teachers and at first I was so mad. I loved my sons teachers and even requested them. To my surprise they were gone this year. Anyway, my daughter seems to be interested in learning and their even teaching her words in Spanish. But...its funny, cause everything this article stated was like my children's school

nonmember avatar NoWay

We dealt with the lice thing a few years ago. This is when I was thankful that I have boys. I just shaved their heads. Of course, I still had to do all of the washing and vacuuming ... Bleh! My kids loved pre-k, but it was only 1/2 day three days a week. Seems so long ago now that they are in middle school... :-(

Blenderx Blenderx

They should still be playing and spending time with their family at this age. 

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