I Wear Pajamas to Drop My Kids Off at School & I'm Not Ashamed

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Every school year, I start out with the same good intentions: To NOT wear pajamas when I drop my kids off in the morning. Every September, I tell myself the same, sad lie: This year, I'll actually get dressed before I take them to school. In real clothes. With buttons, and zippers, and no elastic waistbands. Or cartoon characters. 

Yeah. Wanna know what I was wearing when I walked my son to third grade today? Homer Simpson pajama pants, a jack o' lantern t-shirt I've had for -- literally -- 26 years, and a puffy black winter jacket. And you wanna know why? Because I remembered something very important, something I remember and forget every year ...

Pajamas ARE real clothes. They are!! The dictionary even says so:

clothes n.pl. 1. garments for the body; articles of dress; wearing apparel. 2. bedclothes

See?? Pajamas may in fact be the truest item of clothing available! Not only are they "garments for the body," they're (sort of) "bedclothes!" Take that, judgy fancy moms!

Of course, that brings me to the real conflict I have with wearing pajamas to drop my kids off at school. It's not my the potential shame my kids might be feeling about having a mom who wears floral print boxer shorts and a Snoopy t-shirt and calls it an "outfit," it's the hot, glaring eyes of other mothers staring me and my lazy-ass fashion sense down. 

Now, the funny thing is, ordinarily I'm not the type who cares what other people think of me. At all. And it's not that I care if any other moms think I'm a horrible dresser -- it's the associated implication that my slovenly appearance means I'm somehow unfit to parent. She can't even dress herself! What must her house look like? (It looks like the house of someone who wears Homer Simpson pants outside, okay??)

But, then I remember the thing about pajamas being clothes, and how that means judgment boils down to personal taste, and how I want my kids to be true to themselves so that means I have to be true to myself and THAT means I have to wear pajamas to school.

And that's that.

Do you wear pajamas to take your kid to school?

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Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I'm over the age of 3 months so no, I do not wear pajamas out of the house.

sarah... sarahlizzy

Ok, you do know that bedclothes doesn't mean pajamas, right? It means sheets, blankets, etc. It has nothing to do with things you put on your body, but with things you put on a bed.

Coles... Coles_mom

I wear them every day too, BUT we aren't allowed to walk our kids up to the school- it's just a drop off in your car...so no one sees me except the person opening up the car door for my kiddo. If I had to actually be seen, then I would wear regular clothes. I just drop him and then go straight home and start feeding my younger kids breakfast.

Lovin... LovinJerseyMama

I don't ever wear pajamas to drop my daughter off. But that's just because I don't dress in a complicated fashion to begin with. I wear jeggings, riding boots, and a top every day of the week practically. Which takes me all do five minutes to throw on. That and my hair doesn't require much time, it's loose and long and wavy. I put on a light powder to even my skin tone and some mascara and lip tint and it's out the door for me :) it actually takes longer to get my two kids ready than myself. 

Setsuki Setsuki

I work overnights so I'm asleep for a matter of 2 hours by the time I take her and could careless since all I'm gonna do is go right back to bed. So pjs it is! !!

Erin Thomson

Every day!  I walk her to school in my pjs, then take a shower and get dressed for work.  Usually my pjs are sweat pants and t- shirts.  With a jacket on, I am super comfy!  I like to spend time with my daughter in the morning!

Scott Adina Saunders

I drop off my kindergartener in pajama pants sometimes.  Usually Adidas track pants, but sometimes pajama pants.  I'm pregnant and miserable and don't care.  I keep telling myself I'll get dressed for real when it starts to matter to my kid though.  Doesn't seem to bother him yet but I imagine at some point he will not want to have the "slovenly mom".  I feel bad sometimes, but I'm too sick and pregnant to feel bad for long!  To each their own!

AliPa... AliParker

I don't care what other people wear. I am not petty enough to judge someone based on their pajama bottoms. I won't pretend to be all innocent though. I've had my thoughts but never pertaining to pajama bottoms. Usually lack of clothing on girls or pretending that leggings are pants.

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

Why not? I mean seriously its the buttcrack of dawn and I'm half asleepbanyway. I drop them off and don't even get out of the car so nobody really sees me anyway. I've also picked them up in PJs. In the car again. Nobody sees it.

Megan Harvey

I drop my kids off at school every single morning while still wearing my pajamas. There are four of them, all in elementary school, and it takes forever to get all of them ready, nevermind myself. Plus they go to a charter school which starts at 7:25, which is too damned early to even be awake imo, much less out of bed and driving around, so pajamas it is. However, if I know I'm going to need to actually get out of my minivan for some reason (the teachers help the students out of the vehicles; parents don't normally get out), I do throw on a pair of jeans and maybe some light mascara. Driving in my pj's is one thing; walking around somewhere in them is another.

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