7 Celebrities Who Have Kids, Kids & More Kids! (PHOTOS)

Jolie Pitt kids

There's definitely been somewhat of a baby boom in Hollywood over the past few years, but some couples hopped on the kid bandwagon a while ago and just couldn't seem to stop!

Sure, they have bigger bank accounts and therefore more help and resources than most of us, but there are still quite a few celebs who have so many kids, you have to wonder how they keep a handle on things.

Check out these photos to see seven of the biggest famous crews around!

Would you have more kids if you had tons of money like celebrities?


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LeeshaE LeeshaE

Maybe it's because I'm from an Irish Catholic community but that list was disappointing and what about Mia Farrow, now there's someone with a ton of kids.


Yeah I agree with LeeshaE. I don't really consider 4 or 5 to be lots of kids.

crazy... crazykiddies

I have four kids and never considered it a large family. My husband is a teacher and I am a SAHM, so we do not have a lot of money, but we make do. 

Jessica Collett

OMG more that 2 kids is way to many.. Let alone all these crazy ppl have 5-6-7 REALLY??

Music... MusicMom823

Whoever thinks that having more than two is too many....

Well let's just say, I disagree.  Stop judging people for making a different choice for their family size than you did.

Proud mother of Four 

nonmember avatar Rechelle Richar

How can I get reminders on contests, sweeps or freebies

nonmember avatar me

Kate gosselin is only famous because of her kids. By following that critetia you should have put the duggars up there too, with their 19 kids. I know many people with more than 4 kids, couple with 7 or 8. Thats a lot of kids

Sylvia Thompson

Hey you forgot about the Duggars and their 20 children!!!!

nonmember avatar jenoobie

Since when is 4 kids considered a lot? Lame. 5+ is what I can understand as a lot, not 4. (I have 8 btw lol)

nonmember avatar SG

To each their own. I am a proud mommy of 7 and want a couple more. Me and my husband arent rich but we make it.

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