15 Simple Moments That Make Motherhood So Worth It

mom and child walk hand in handBeing a mom is many things. It's hard work. It's exhausting. And yet, let me be corny for just a second. Motherhood is magical, isn't it?

Not Harry Potter and unicorns and wands and all that jazz magical. There don't need to be trumpets and fireworks or the slaying of a fire-breathing mythical monster for magic to happen. The magic of motherhood is in the little things. The 5-year-old finally learning to tie his shoes after weeks of practice and saying, "Thanks Mom!" The 7-year-old coming up behind you and wrapping her arms around you in a hug.

The magic is there; you just need to take two seconds to remember it!

Maybe this will help. We've rounded up the 15 most magical things we can think of about being a mom. I'll admit number 13 is my absolute favorite.

How about you? What is YOUR most magical mom moment?


Image via Dean Pictures/Corbis

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Sarah... SarahHall58

This is sweet. I'm looking forward to all these things

First... FirstTimeMama21

Not going through it since you put it in an idiotic slideshow.

Paws84 Paws84

Loved this, I can't wait for all these things to happen. She's such a cuddle bug already, I love the smell right after she gets out of the bath, and the big smiles she gets when I or her dad walk in the room.

manda... mandaschelle

The newest "magic" for me is

"Hey Mom"

"What dear"

"I loooove you"

She is 2 almost 3

Elizabeth Smith

I can't believe you won't read it because she put it in a slideshow. You just have to hit the next button vs. scrolling down. What's the difference?

Vericima Vericima

Not to mention, the slideshows don't suck like they used to.

Mae Clark

My favorite is my six yr old little boy says I love you Mom for no reason at all.

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