7 Ways Rainbow Looms Have Taken Over Moms' Lives (PHOTOS)

rainbow loomsSigh. Rainbow Looms. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then you might want to go ahead and pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate your good fortune.

But if you immediately roll your eyes upon hearing or seeing the words Rainbow Looms -- then you'll totally empathize with what I'm about to say.

They're slowly taking over my house, and my life, people. They invaded us a little over a month ago -- and I swear I just haven't been the same since. My son received his loom kit in lieu of a goody bag at a birthday party, and ever since then, he seems to be mistaking me for some sort of bracelet making machine who has no problem working for free.

I'm cheap labor, and he digs it. And now I'm practically looming bracelets in my sleep and wonder if I'll ever manage to crawl out from under the mounds of rubber bands that can be found in every corner of my house.

On that note, here's a better depiction of seven ways Rainbow Looms are slowly taking over my life and probably yours too.


Image via Mary Fischer

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lulou lulou

I got two bribes going for getting my kids one and with their own birthday money - haha.

Ill be happy though not to have to burning the ends of paracords anymore - mine never stayed together.

Crystal Rider

My daughter is 6 and has not asked for one but I saw all the older girls at cheer practice making these. 

Tali Gabai-Maiato

My neighbour's daughter has them and it's an activity that kept the two of them busy for HOURS! I just want to know where I can buy one! The downside is that my daughter gets very offended if she finds I've left the house without wearing one of her creations but I could think of more annoying toys for sure.

craft... craftycatVT

I ordered my daughter's loom from Amazon.

Colleen Newell

Lol, I didn't even know these existed until my son came home last week wearing them and begging for a kit, and now I see them everywhere! We got him a kit, and of course he lost the hook and the s pieces right away, so I finally found a store that sold just those because I didn't want to spend another 15 on the darn kit and it was 2 bucks for ten little s things, and those will last what... a day or two? Lol uuuuuugh

lasombrs lasombrs

My niece just asked my 4 year old if he knew how to do this yesterday. I had never heard of them before and now a blog about it lol. I see this as a Christmas present from them just so I suffer as well :)

Christine Hixon Smiley

Most Michaels stores currently sell them and by November 1st it will be in all Michaels stores. They are also selling an instructional book with pictures and a case to store your bands.

LoriA... LoriAnn87

Michael's also had demos on rainbow looms. I work there and the rainbow loom, bands and case are selling like hot cakes but you can't use any coupons towards the loom or bands.

mompam mompam

My daughter has one. She has made everyone dozens of bracelets. She goes on YouTube and learns how to do them. She loves it. It's great and keeps her busy. I have never touched it. Why do you make them? They are for kids. I do wear them everyday.

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