Schools Should Ban Halloween -- For the Parents' Sakes

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halloween pumpkinWell, it's October, and you know what that means? A rash of Internet headlines about parents who are pretty darn POd that their kids' school has enacted a Halloween ban. It happens every. Darn. Year. A school says "eh, no costumes this year," and the parents grab their pitchforks. 

But I'm coming to you straight from the land of no school-sponsored Halloween parade with a message. Schools without Halloween are awesome with a capital A when you're a parent.

Hear me out. I didn't think so at first. Way back when my daughter went to kindergarten, I was even a little bummed when she told me there was no need to prep her costume for school. I may have yammered on about "back in my day" and "stealing childhood" and all that jazz for awhile.

Father, forgive me, for I did not know what I was talking about.

I didn't know then that I would spend the next three Halloweens (four later this month) doing exactly the same thing I do every other day of the school year. I get the kid up and dressed. I feed her some breakfast, tell her to brush her teeth, put her on a bus, and then my job is done.

Got that?

No driving the kid to school because those big fairy wings won't fit on a school bus. No fighting over whether she can take the sword because, yes, I know it completes the costume, but the school doesn't allow weapons (even toy ones). No driving up to the school to watch the parade and then having to drive her home because (once again) those wings don't fit on the bus.

Oh, but that is not all! The night is even better!

Because when my kid gets home from school, there's no stressing out over the big tear in the princess dress that I now have to fix before we can go trick or treating. There are no princess crowns that have mysteriously gone missing and need to be replaced before the big town parade. AND I don't get a guilt trip for missing a big school event because Mommy had to work.

Doesn't it all sounds ... fabulous?

Because it is. It really is just a wonderful day of no muss, no fuss, no STRESS for this Mom who is already trying to figure out how she's going to get out of work before it's too dark and juggle homework and dance class and still make sure my little witch hits enough homes to fill her sack with treats.

So go ahead, look at school Halloween bans as pure, unadulterated evil ... if you must. I prefer to look at them as a holiday gift to us parents.

Has your school banned a holiday? What did you do about it?


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erlar... erlark2012

This post doesn't explain why schools are banning Halloween.

Craft... CraftyJenna

By that logic, you'd be happy if they banned plays and recitals and pagents too, no extra things for parents to go to or worry about! It's one day and the kids love it, I really don't see the harm. 

Mrseoc Mrseoc

i remember doing the halloween parade when i was in school and i loved it! We live in PA so its not usually freezing by halloween. As kids we loved standing outside then walking around the school in costume. My parents where never there, i didnt care at all. Our homeroom teachers gave out treats and we had a halloween party all day long inside. i would have been crushed if we where not allowed our costumes, and did our regular school work instead of a day long pizza party. My kid hasnt gotten to school age yet, but im looking forward to being allowed to bake ahloween cupcakes and send her off to school dressed as a whitch. Dressing up for halloween at school is just another thing thAt makes childhood that much more fun...Wouldnt you have fun at a costume office party where you just eat pizza and candy all day!!?

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

I'm posting this comment strictly on the article's title. I havent read it yet. But, I couldnt help but get a little "Oh no she didnt!"....I love Halloween...So does my kid. So does her school!

nonmember avatar Lo

I LOVE living in a country that doesn't celebrate Halloween at all. It is 5 years now I have been living outside the USA and my life is better for it. In what world is it normal to encourage children to collect and digest big bags of candy? In the Good Ole U S of A. no thank you. And should we return to live in the US one day, this is one holiday (if you can even call it that) my son (currently 2), will not participate in. It has no place in schools.

nonmember avatar Cynthia

In a world where we are pushing learning onto kids younger and younger, and taking away recess time, play times at lunches and other fun activities so kids have more time to learn the basics (because there are apparently more of them now than before) children need some fun in their school lives. Schools where I live are not even large enough to accomodate hosting an event for the entire student & parent population so there are no dances or recitals with the whole school. Giving the kids 1/2 a day in costume with their friends is great. They don't have to have a bunch of 'crap' to eat-our teachers ask for healthy snacks and parents are creative. Plus, there is often snow where we live for halloween so this is generally the only time the kids actually are seen in costume. If Halloween was a set day (like the last Saturday) of October instead of a set date, I think there would be less of an issue if schools didn't have a halloween celebration.

Jespren Jespren

Ok, my household doesn't even celebrate Halloween but this is silly. When I was in k-2 the elementary I went to had a costume parade to a nearby nursing home, the elderly loved seeing the kids-no parents involved. In 3rd-5th the costume parade went around local businesses within walking distance of the school. Again, fun, festive, no parental involvement. (And we all wore costumes we could get on the bus in because certainly our parents weren't going to mollycoddle us by driving us in when they had work to do). After that I didn't participate in Halloween, but all the way up through high school kids wore costumes and it was just a fun day. Even some of the teachers dressed up. If schools are going to cancel Halloween I can think of some arguable reasons why, but because costume day is somehow too much of a bother for parents isn't one of them.

emera... emeraldrose13

I would love it if Halloween were non existent period so if it's banned this year in my daughter's school, I won't be heartbroken.

Graca... Gracalynsmom

I loved the school halloween party and parade, But I would see a lot of kid's who were left out because parents could not afford costumes along with party expenses. Luckily mine are older and have no interest in costumes anymore. lol

Crystal Rider

This is our second year with out having Halloween in school. I am very sad about it. i remember when I went. We would all wear our costumes, we would have a couple old men/women come and make a hudge pot of homemade apple butter. Decorate pumpkins. We had a bake sale and cake walk. It was a blast. Last year they called it a fall festival. The kids wore there favorite pair of PJ'S. The class did a couple small crafts had a healthy snack. I put together bags for each child, pretzels, pencils, spider rings. No candy. I am okay with the No candy but saddened with the other parts of it. 

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