1 Good Reason to Stop Feeding Your Kids Fresh Veggies

frozen veggiesIt doesn't take much to bring on a bout of mommy guilt. It could be your child's sad eyes as you rush out of the door for work. Or the fact that you have yet to teach him how to ride his bike. For me, the pangs of guilt usually come around meal time. The reason? I am the mom who serves my kid frozen vegetables with dinner. Like everyone else, I have always believed that fresh anything is better, but for the sake of expediency, it's easier to just warm up those ice cold peas and broccoli. A part of me always felt it was kinda wrong ... until now. It seems that frozen fruits and vegetables are actually the healthier choice. Seriously.


Two separate studies show that frozen food actually has more nutrients than fresh food. Most of the foods tested (two out of three) had more antioxidants like vitamin C, beta-carotene, and lutein. Basically, that means these frozen fruits and veggies are better at preventing cancer and improving brain, body, and eye health. Who would have thought?!

Another important reveal from the study? Fresh produce isn't always so fresh. It may look straight from the vine or tree, but it could have been sitting in a warehouse for weeks, all the while slowly losing its nutritional value.

The best part about it, frozen produce is typically much less expensive than fresh -- so there is a cost savings benefit to it too. Win-win as far as I'm concerned. So in an instant, I went from feeling like a lazy mom to one that is totally on top of my kid's nutritional needs. Thankfully, there is one less thing to beat myself up about. Though, I am sure some moms will still stick up their nose at the notion. I, however, plan to explore even more frozen food options.  Now I can focus on the million other things on my mommy-do list -- like finally getting around to teaching him how to ride that darn two-wheeler!

What do you think about eating frozen veggies? Do you judge moms who serve them?


Image via Joel Kramer/Flickr

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