10 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes Easily Made With Stuff Around the House

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It's bound to happen to most parents at some point: a big Halloween event is staring them in the face, and their kid does not have a costume. So what's a mom to do? Throw all the kids in the minivan and make a late night trip to the store just so little Johnny can dress up for the school's trick or treat that you JUST learned about five minutes ago? Ughhh, too stressful, and besides, the kids will take too much time picking out their costumes! 


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How about a costume you can make ... in minutes ... with things you have on hand around the house? Calm down, no one has to be Martha Stewart. And truthfully, kids only notice the candy they collect at the end of the night! But there might just be more supplies for the perfect costume hanging around the house than one might think.

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Those toilet paper rolls? Binoculars. Toilet paper? Mummy. It's unbelievable what incredible things Halloween costumes can be made from, with a little ingenuity and quick thinking. It's true: There are some insanely easy costumes that can be made with items we all have lying around the house.

Keep this list handy when the 31st rolls around!

10 Quick and Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes

What is your go-to last-minute costume?


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