11 Halloween Costumes Perfect for Kids Who 'Don't Wanna Wear a Jacket!'

leopard halloween costumeI've got a bone to pick with the Halloween costume designers out there. Don't they look at the calendar? Do they realize Halloween is on October 31? It's fall! In a pretty significant chunk of the country, that means it is COLD outside when kids get all dressed up to trick or treat. Several years in a row it even snowed in my neck of the woods!

So what's with the flimsy constumes? The paper thin fabrics on the superhero outfits, the short sleeves and skirts on those princess gowns? No kid wants to wear a jacket -- it covers up a costume. So our kids might just as well dress up as Popsicles and be done with it, right?

Or, you know, we could boycott all those crappy costumes and go for the few out there that will actually keep our kiddos warm. Who's with me? 

Good! Because have I got some ideas for you!


I've rounded up 11 of the coziest Halloween costumes on the interwebs -- and with plenty of time for you to put in your order ... or if you're the Martha Stewart type, to get crafty!

Which is your favorite?


Image via Old Navy

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