11 Halloween Costumes Perfect for Kids Who 'Don't Wanna Wear a Jacket!'

Jeanne Sager | Oct 12, 2013 Big Kid

leopard halloween costumeI've got a bone to pick with the Halloween costume designers out there. Don't they look at the calendar? Do they realize Halloween is on October 31? It's fall! In a pretty significant chunk of the country, that means it is COLD outside when kids get all dressed up to trick or treat. Several years in a row it even snowed in my neck of the woods!

So what's with the flimsy constumes? The paper thin fabrics on the superhero outfits, the short sleeves and skirts on those princess gowns? No kid wants to wear a jacket -- it covers up a costume. So our kids might just as well dress up as Popsicles and be done with it, right?

Or, you know, we could boycott all those crappy costumes and go for the few out there that will actually keep our kiddos warm. Who's with me? 

Good! Because have I got some ideas for you!

I've rounded up 11 of the coziest Halloween costumes on the interwebs -- and with plenty of time for you to put in your order ... or if you're the Martha Stewart type, to get crafty!

Which is your favorite?


Image via Old Navy

  • Warm & Cozy Halloween Costumes


    Image via Anna Kern/Johnér Images/Corbis

  • Gorilla


    Image via Amazon

    Kids who tend to get cold will go ape for this gorilla costume, which even covers the face!

  • Princess Leia


    Image via The Capery/Etsy

    Let your little girl indulge her inner geek with this handmade costume inspired by Star Wars. Princess Leia's iconic hairdo will keep her ears warm, while the white fleece of her gown is super cozy. And for a handmade outfit, the price isn't too bad -- just $43.

  • T-Rex


    Image via Party City


    The terrible T-Rex roar will drown out any of the "I'm cold" complaints this year with a costume that sports an attachable hood to keep their heads warm.

  • Viking


    Image via BramblPike/Etsy

    This hand-made beard and hat is kid-sized, and makes a good wind break for their delicate face and ears. Just throw them in some dark sweats, and you're set. The beard is detachable, by the way, so they can play with one or both later on -- stretching the $30 you'll pay for it.

  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer


    Image via TheHeadsAid/Etsy

    Christmas is coming, and the kids are going to need winter hats anyway, so kill two birds with one stone -- buy a cuddly Rudolph hat that will keep their head warm (and works with a brown shirt and long pants for a costume) on Halloween and beyond! This one is handmade, and goes for just $29.

  • Princess Anna -- Frozen


    Image via Disney Store

    Disney's holiday film this year is called Frozen, so where better to look for a costume that will keep your little girl safe from the biting cold? Not only is this Princess Anna dress long-sleeved, but it comes with a small cape to add an extra layer of protection from the wind.

  • Firefighter


    Image via Toys R Us


    One of the hardest parts of keeping kiddos warm on Halloween night is that they don't want to throw a coat over the costume, but with this firefighter outfit you don't have to. The coat IS part of the costume! And at just $12.99, this one is a steal!

  • Pilgrim


    Image via Costume Supreme Center


    One of my biggest complaints about so-called "girl" costumes is that they'll often take the boys outfits and slice a bunch of fabric off -- so the girls have to freeze. Not when your little girl decides to go as a Pilgrim for Halloween! EVERYTHING is covered up with this costume, and it's just $19 to boot!

  • Zombie -- in a Sweater


    Image via SincerelyTwisted/Etsy

    I don't have to tell you that zombies are hot right now, even if they are ice cold to the touch (at least, I'm assuming ... or is that vampires?). But you know what's cool about the walking dead -- pun intended?

    They're just like normal people, albeit a bit raggedy and bloody. So dress your kiddo up like a zombie, even in a comfy -- aka warm -- sweater! The folks at SincerelyTwisted sell some rad ones for $24, but I suppose you could make your own.

  • My Little Pony


    Image via Amazon


    I am actually disappointed that my daughter changed her mind about being a My Little Pony this Halloween after finding this rad sweatshirt with the horse's mane and tail built in! Talk about keeping them warm ... and a great value at $40, considering they can wear it again and again, after the big night is over.

  • Leopard


    Image via Old Navy


    This little leopard covers them from tip to toe in comfy fleece, and there's even coverage for their ears! Available in sizes up to 5T, it's only $22.94.


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