School Sends 11-Year-Old Home With Letter 'Informing' Parents She's Fat (VIDEO)

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kristen grasso

Would you consider a female who is 5'5" and 124 pounds to be fat? Yeah, me neither, which is why it's nothing short of outrageous that an 11-year-old was deemed overweight in a letter that was sent home from school for her parents to review.

The county health department came to Lily Grasso's middle school in Naples, Florida and conducted a health screening of the kids. Since Lily's BMI registered at 22, she was put into the "overweight" category -- which of course has her mother, Kristen, absolutely outraged.

Check out this video to hear more about what happened.

Ugh. As if today's tween girls don't feel enough pressure to be thin and have perfect bodies, now schools are contributing to their self-esteem issues by sending home stupid letters like this. Did you see that photo of Lily? She's perfectly normal, athletic, strong, and healthy -- which is what we should hope for our kids to strive to be. She's certainly not the least bit overweight in any sense of the word -- but now she's probably going to wonder if she needs to lose a few pounds since by the health department's standards, she's fat.

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And you know what's really disheartening? If Lily was put into the overweight category, then odds are good that plenty of other kids also had notes sent home with them -- which is basically a recipe for disaster as far as a group of middle school girls is concerned. If this were my daughter, I'd be so irate, and as Kristen asked, I'd wonder why a test like this being done at the school instead of at the doctor's office.

I'm all for encouraging our kids to make wise choices as far as diet and exercise goes -- but is it really necessary to do a health screening like this and humiliate them? And even though parents could opt out, it appears as though it was not made clear that their weight was going to be a factor. You can't blame Kristen for not having any qualms about letting Lily participate in the screening.

Why can't schools focus on making sure kids, and girls in particular, have a healthy and realistic body image instead of subjecting them to this kind of scrutiny? If screenings like this keep up, they're basically asking for these kids to have self esteem issues -- and that just isn't right.

How would you react if your child got a letter like this?


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the4m... the4mutts

I hate the BMI scale. They told my 5'11 fiance that he was clinically obese at just under 200lbs. The man barely has any fat on him! He does manual labor at work a lot, and he is almost all lean muscle at 38yrs old. They gave him a diet plan and everything. He laughed in their faces.

the4m... the4mutts

Opps, hit submit too soon.

Stuff like this is why I opt out of any screening to be done at the school. My kids have a great pediatrician, and she says all 4 of mine are perfectly healthy, where the BMI scale says they are under-weight. I'll just stick with our family dr.

nonmember avatar huh?

Quick google search for BMI calculator, and with a height of 5'5" and weight of 124 I get a BMI of 20.6. And the "normal weight" range is 18.5-24.9. How were they doing their calculations?

Alisha Haskett

The BMI scale IS a hard thing to go by. Did they take a measure of her body fat? Her mom said she is mostly muscle. The girl is OBVIOUSLY not overweight, but the BMI scale does not take muscle content into consideration. I would sit my daughter down and research the BMI scale and show her that.

Coles... Coles_mom

My 7 old got one of those last year that has him in the obese category. He's 47 pounds!!! You can see the kid's ribs. He's super healthy and I can't punch a bit of fat on him. I was irate!!!

Coles... Coles_mom

*pinch...not punching my child lol

amber... amberdotsmom

Agree with all of you above.  It's been said time and again the BMI does not differentiate between muscle and fat - and so many of us know this.  So why then is it still being used as the standard in these tests? 

I just read another story on how we can now map a babies entire DNA to predict current and future disease risk.  How is it we can figure out how to do that and we can't figure out how to correctly weigh and measure our children? There must be tons of ways to measure muscle mass, body fat percentage and so on yet all of these stories boil down to "BMI said".  I agree with you 4Mutts, most of the ime the only thing left is to both opt out AND laugh in their faces.

nonmember avatar Hagen

The one thing I do not like about the BMI index is that it is not taking you bone mass into consideration. According to the BMI Index I am overweight and I am not. I am a healthy muscular size 6. Now my 6 year old daughter is overweight according to the BMI, she is 42 lbs. The nurses give me the talk about eating healthy and exercise and I tell them as soon as you consider bone mass I am not going to listen them. I remind them that according to the BMI index I am overweight that normally shuts them up in 2 seconds.

Ashle... AshleyB1984

I don't believe the BMI ratings. Muscle weighs more than fat. As someone who lost a lot of weight earlier this year, I felt conflicted when the scale went up but I actually looked better and felt better. It was from gaining some muscle. Schools need to but out of this.

Todd Vrancic

Hell hath no fury!  They would wish to be there compared to what I would do to them if they had ever pulled this on any of my kids!

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