Dying Dad Holds 'Wedding Ceremony' for His 10-Year-Old Daughter (VIDEO)

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Johnny Wells is terminally ill and won't get to see his 10-year-old daughter Nicole get married. So he made sure to create a beautiful memory for her that she will never forget: he rented a tux, hired a pastor, bought her a sweet white dress and purple bouquet, and promised to always be there for her in a touching and heartbreaking ceremony held by his hospital bed. 

Accompanied by her mother, who says Johnny has survived this long only because of his love for Nicole, the little girl was all brave smiles as she walked toward her dad, gave him a sweet kiss, and listened as he asked her to find a good man when she's ready to marry and vowed to always watch over her. Dad then slipped a ring onto Nicole's finger, which she will continue to wear until she replaces it one day with her wedding ring. Nicole says that she'll marry when she's 20 and that her flower girl will wear the cute white dress that she wore the day of her own ceremony beside dad.

Are you tearing up yet? Can you think of anything as heartwarming as this story? 

The ceremony was captured on video and has apparently inspired others in the same situation to hold similar ceremonies of their own. I can't even imagine how painful it must be to know you aren't going to see your little girl go through major milestones in her life. I'm happy for this family and impressed that dad -- no matter how sick he is feeling -- is so incredibly thoughtful he gave his daughter and family a day they will remember forever. I hope she goes through life always feeling the intense love that he has for her. 

I'm sorry to do this to you -- because I can barely get through writing this sentence without bawling -- but here's the video. It really is worth watching.

What do you think about the ceremony Johnny Wells held for his daughter?


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lobus lobus

There's been a rash of videos of dying dads watching their unwed young daughters.get married and I don't get it. Is getting married the pinnacle of a woman's life? Why not do this with their sons? My dad wasn't even at my wedding to give me away and that's OK. I wasn't his to give away anyway. And we were and are on wonderful terms.

Baile... Bailey8307

Wow lobus.. how kind of you!  Your cynicism and absolute lack of compassion makes me feel sorry for you. Who cares what the reasoning is behind the video?  No one is saying marriage is the "pinnacle of a woman's life." Rather, it was a day this father wanted to be there for his daughter. This man was robbed of that chance, so he thought of something rather beautiful to do for his daughter and for himself. If you don't have anything nice to say maybe you should refrain from making a comment!

knitt... knittykitty99

I agree with lobus.  As someone who lost her father at a young age, I can testify that this child will miss her father every day, for a million different reasons.  She may not even get married.  Because my father was not there, my wedding day was harder for my mother than for me.  I truly wish my father had been able to meet my children, not walk me down the aisle.  I think this will only cause the child to be sadder when her actual wedding day comes and might have been a littie self serving on the part of dad - why was it posted on the internet?  His job is to let her know how much he loves the litte girl she is now.

lobus lobus

Bailey, maybe you should take your own advice.

Aries... Ariesmama4life

Wow some of you ladies are being very crass. Most women want their dad to be there to walk them down the isle. As a person who lost her father at a young age and never got the chance to have her daddy walk her down the isle I know what that means to some. I bet this moment will live in her memory forever and when she gets married she will be glad that she got to have this experience with her father before he passed.

Craft... CraftyJenna

my wedding wasn't the "pinnacle" of my life but it was damn important and it was very sad to not have my father there. If they want to create special memories before their dad passes away, who are you to judge them for it? It brings them comfort and makes them happy. 

nonmember avatar ks175406

I understand the sentiment. But why did he not buy her a cap and gown so that he could see how she would look on the day of her graduation? Why did he not buy her a special piece of jewelry for her to wear on her first day of work? Why is it always the wedding that the Father wants to see?

ktobin2 ktobin2

Traditionally the father walks his daughter down the aisle and gives her away. It's a special moment and getting married is a huge milestone. Maybe some of you aren't into the tradition or the idea of marriage, but maybe him and his family was. You guys don't know the EXACT reason he did this, maybe she told him "daddy you won't be at my wedding" and he decided to do something so selfless, so special and so loving. I can't believe some of these comments. Can't we just agree that it was heart warming what he did for his daughter. It's not like he was marrying his daughter people.

Senia... Seniahmom

It's a huge moment for Dad. My father once told me when I was born one of the first things he thought of was the day my parents would walk me down the aisle guiding the woman the raised one last time to the life I chose with the man I loved. For him it was the culmination of my upbringing, how he raised me to the woman I became. Not so much that the other things that I achieved didn't matter because every achievement and milestone was celebrated as appropriate. But for some fathers that moment is the most special because if the emotion and pride.

There is a different kind of light in a father's eyes on his daughter's wedding day. Not being a father not a man I can't put words to it but based on what I've seen with my own father and uncles and friends' fathers for them it is a special moment that they would regret to miss. This type of action by a dying man does not surprise me. It is touching.

nonmember avatar Heather.B

I agree with some of you saying that he should have done something about her other life milestones like graduation, but come on this was beautiful, most dads want to be there to see the woman he helped raise start her own life and own family, which to most people happens when they get married. It will not cause this little girl pain because she will know her dad will be there with her always. I think this was a beautiful thing he did for his little girl. And Lydia what the hell is wrong with you? this was not inappropriate in any way. He is not a perv for wanting to see his daughter happy. Most fathers want to be there but some can't.

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