51-Year-Old Mom Still Breastfeeds 5-Year-Old Daughter

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Not Al Musa's daughter
There's extended breastfeeding, as in breastfeeding your toddler. And then there's extended breastfeeding, kindergarten edition. Australian mom of three Maha Al Musa still breastfeeds her 5-year-old daughter. And she says she'll keep breastfeeding her daughter until she's 10, if she wants to. "I believe it helps boost her immune system. To this day, she is very rarely ill and her temperament is calmer and more relaxed than the other children," Al Musa says.

Okay, I know what's supposed to happen here. Half of you are supposed to recoil in horror and disgust, while the other half of you do a fist pump and say, "YEAH! Good for her!" Me, I'm just curious. I have so many questions.

How does that work, exactly? I mean, I KNOW how it works. I've breastfed myself. In fact, I nursed my son until he was almost 3. (I kept waiting for this legendary self-weaning to happen and it never did.) But Al Musa's daughter is entering a new age of sociability and peer groups. I wonder what her friends think about her nursing. Will she really want to keep nursing longer, or is she going to feel self-conscious? Does she nurse on-demand, or only at night when she's going to bed? Doesn't Al Musa want her breasts back? That's what led me to wean my son -- I couldn't take it anymore. I started to feel like he was sucking away my soul.

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But enough about me, let's get back to Al Musa. Did I mention she's 51? And a belly dancer -- who belly-danced her way through labor? Apparently she's a fertility goddess. Look up "FEMALE" in the dictionary and you'll probably see a photo of Al Musa, looking all strong and maternal and womanly. She's one of those large-breasted, totally self-assured Uber-Mamas who tend to intimidate me. There is so much estrogen radiating from her all the way over in Australia, I think I may start ovulating now, regardless of where I am in my cycle. Good God.

Okay, Al Musa. You breastfeed for as long as you damn well want to. I'm not getting in your way.

Anyway, good for her. She looks happy and healthy, her two sons and daughter look happy and healthy. We don't get to see her husband, but he's probably thrilled to wake up every morning next to this woman who looks 15 to 20 years younger than she is. All joking aside, whatever she's doing, it's working for her and her family. And as long as it really is up to her daughter how long she breastfeeds, what do the rest of us care?

What do you think of breastfeeding your child past 3 years old?


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Movie... Moviebuff

That it is gross and she is gross. I'm sure her kids have issues.

nonmember avatar SKB

Gross indeed! Nasty, disgusting and vile also are good descriptions.

nonmember avatar blue

Until TEN?? That's called sexual abuse, not breastfeeding. This isn't about breastfeeding, at all. This is about a weird, creepy, sicko, who clearly NEEDS her child to need her for this.

redK8... redK8blueSt8

I'm just curious when having a child suck on your breast crosses the line into sexual abuse. At 5 years, it is NOT for nourishment, nutrition, or necessity.

Robin Hartman

I know some people don't feel comfortable breastfeeding, but it's weird to say it's gross. How do these people think all these people got here? From breastfeeding! Everyone throughout history was breastfed or they died. Just because there are other options now doesn't mean what's natural is "gross". I love it when I see moms going the natural route. The world is being destroyed by chemicals, plastics, fast food, addiction to smart phones, etc. I wish we could go back-to-basics. I bet this woman's kids are happy and healthy.

BPayne09 BPayne09

Robin Hartman nobody said breast feeding is gross. But there is a big difference between breast feeding your child for food and breast feeding your 5 year old just because. There comes a time (way before the age of 5) that it is no longer needed.

fitne... fitnessmom217

That is so not normal. You're exactly right BPayne09! At the of 5, breastfeeding is NO longer needed! I understanding the amazing nutrients and benefits of breastfeeding. Why not pump and put breast milk in a cup if you want your child to have your milk so darn bad?!

Movie... Moviebuff

@Robin if you read my comment I didn't say bf was gross I said she was there is no reason for her to bf that long. Maybe you are like this sicko and bf your kids that long.

the4m... the4mutts

There is nothing in this world, including my sister-in-law who ebf my niece till she was 5, that can convince me that a financially stable family in a developed country have any reason to nurse their kid that long. I mean, barring some freaky medical condition, there is no need, and its freaky as hell to me.

Baile... Bailey8307

 It may be unusual to breastfeed a child that long but calling it gross and sexual abuse is once again taking a body part that was meant to nourish children and sexualizing it into something we should be ashamed of. Well shame on you ladies for that!  My son will be 3 in december and we are still nursing but only at nap and bed time for comfort. I would love to stop nursing any time but I'm waiting until he is ready and I don't feel a bit bad about it. He will stop when he is ready and I"m sure it will be well before he reaches kindergarten.. but even if it isn't. To each his own worry about yourself instead of what other people are doing. sheesh

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