Eat It or Toss It: Which School Lunches Make the Cut?

fed up logoSchool lunches are notorious for being unhealthy and unappetizing. Even though new nutrition guidelines for school lunch passed last year, many schools have been slow to adopt the new changes, and many students aren’t satisfied with the meals being served. Sure, some school cafeterias are serving up nutritious, appealing fare, but they seem to be in the minority.’s “Fed Up” campaign was created to help raise awareness about the school-lunch problem, but it’s not targeting school administrators or even food-service companies.


Instead, they’re going to the “trenches” and asking students to take pictures of their school’s lunches and upload them to the website. Students (anyone under the age of 25; moms, that means you should encourage your kids to get involved!) will give their lunch a fun name (like “Scary-Roni!” or “I Ate This Out Of Desperation,” or, for an appealing option, “Wow -- Yummy Chicken!”) and answer a few questions about the meal. Then they’ll be able to vote on other photos (I’D TOSS IT or I’D EAT IT) and get tips on how to make real change in their school cafeteria.

Does your child buy lunch at school? Are you happy with the meals being served?

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