5 Halloween Costumes Sure to Get Your Kid Sent Home From School (PHOTOS)

twerk bear tank topOkay, I'll admit it: The first thought I had when my nearly 8-year-old son asked me the other day if he could dress up as Daryl from The Walking Dead for Halloween was NOT "Hmm, perhaps a crossbow isn't the most appropriate choice of accessory for a third grade Halloween parade." No, my first thought was: "Aw, cool! That would be sooo badass!" Er. Whoops! Good thing I came to my (limited) senses before giving him the go-ahead, because I'm pretty sure "uber-hot weapon-wielding zombie slayer" is not on the list of approved costume options at my kid's elementary school. Much like this Twerk Bear Costume Tank Top ($15.87 to $17.87), a fine foundation to any Miley Cyrus disguise (yes, one of THE most popular costume picks this fall).

Perhaps you're facing a similar dilemma? Well, maybe your child's school has administrators with amazing senses of humor OR you're actually looking to get your kid suspended for some reason. Either way, this awesome array of guaranteed-to-get-your-kid-in-deep-trouble costumes should help!

What's your kid dressing up as for Halloween this year? 

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  • Miley Cyrus


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    Like we said, she's the big seller so far this season! In fact, you should snap up this all-important Twerking Twerk Dance Foam Finger for $9.95 on Amazon ASAP -- tongue not included.

  • Heisenberg/'Breaking Bad'


    Any Walter White worth his salt -- or NaCl, I should say -- needs this Gangster Meth Black Hat for $22.49 on Amazon. Naturally, a pair of faux Walter-esque glasses ($10.95) and some blue rock candy ($16.99) are mandatory, too.

  • Amanda Bynes


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    Why is Amanda Bynes a bigger costume draw this year than, say, Lindsay Lohan? I can only guess that this Long Aqua Wig With Bangs for $19.99 has a lot to do with it. I mean, when has LiLo ever looked so ... Halloween-y?

  • 'Walking Dead' Zombie Girl


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    AAAAAACK!!! RUN AWAY!!! Put your kid in this Walking Dead Bunny Slipper Girl ($39.95) costume and watch frightened candy-givers throw those fun size Snickers in her general direction and slam the door in terror! (Sounds like a good time, right? Or am I just twisted??)

  • Daryl Dixon/'Walking Dead'


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    What does an aspiring Daryl need besides this NXT Generation Boys Crossbow for $29.99? A whole lotta attitude, and that's it. (Maybe a hoodie.)

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