How a Peanut Butter Sandwich Could Save Your Daughter's Life

peanut butterThere are loads of things you don't want your growing child to eat too much of. You know, like junk food, chocolate, that sorta stuff. However, what if I were to tell you that there's one food you should be encouraging your daughter to indulge in at least twice a week? One that could actually stave off breast disease? Ready for the magical food: peanut butter.

A recent study published in the Breast Cancer Research and Treatment journal found that girls between the ages of 9 and 15 who ate peanut butter twice a week had a 39 percent lower risk of developing breast disease, or benign breast disease. And get this: the effect seemed especially strong among girls who had some history of breast cancer in their family.

Time to grab some jelly, two pieces of whole wheat bread, and make her a sandwich. 


Sure, we hear things like this all the time, telling us what we should and shouldn't eat. One second, someone's telling us that celery has some magical power to make your skin appear shiny (it doesn't, that I know of), and the next we're wondering what watermelon juice can do for our hair. As hard as it is to take the constant stream of "scientific" information seriously, studies like this one make me personally want to believe that these super foods do exist.

If eating an extra peanut butter and jelly sandwich or snacking on some apples and peanut butter every once in a while could help a growing girl avoid breast disease, then why not try it? Plus, the delicious stuff is packed with healthy saturated fats that are much better than the junk you'll find in all those candy bars.

Does your daughter eat a lot of peanut butter?


Image via mrsdkrebs/Flickr

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